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  1. coachmolly

    For Parents Coach wants to move her back

    I would not go for her competing 4 again, she could compete 5 and scratch floor or just not compete and train for 6/7. I'm not sure I would even have her compete 5 again. Level 5 & 6 are super similar and 6 can even be more flexible in some ways. You can compete level 6 without a tuck, I know a...
  2. coachmolly

    How is it where you are?

    I work for a non-profit but we operate within a school district, I'm still working remotely but the district itself is a complete mess. They were doing full, in-person instruction and have gone back to virtual until after Thanksgiving because of a massive explosion of cases as well as the death...
  3. coachmolly

    For Parents Osgood Schlatter

    I was diagnosed with OS as a 10 year old, ortho just said to let pain be my guide, take NSAIDs, ice, rest as needed but that I wouldn't cause further harm by pushing through. It never fully went away. I am now well into adulthood and still have a massive OS lump under my knee that causes pain...
  4. coachmolly

    For Coaches Troublesome Level 3 Group

    I had a group very similar to this except a little bit older. They were Xcel kids, not super successful in the past, really just wanted to learn the skills they wanted to learn and weren't too concerned about basics, dance, details, or fixing anything. They were mostly there to socialize with...
  5. coachmolly

    WAG a new organization?? NGA

    I feel like the fact that the bulk of the info is focused around meets sort of misses the point of creating a new organization. USAG has a whole lot of problems, but how they structure their meets and the JO code of points are really nowhere near the top of the list. If you aren't going to be...
  6. coachmolly

    WAG a new organization?? NGA

    I spent some time on the website earlier today and the first thing I noticed was the absence of names of people involved. Or really any information whatsoever. And they are trying to get all of this rolling for this upcoming season? Seems like a stretch and not one I would buy into as a gym...
  7. coachmolly

    For Parents DD returns to gym after 3 years off

    Welcome back! That's such happy and exciting news. Good for her for really going after it and, most importantly, so glad she's happy doing what she loves. Wishing her (and you) all the best!
  8. coachmolly

    For Parents Joining a team with no natural talent??

    Some of my favorite kids I ever coached were the kids who did not have a ton of natural ability but absolutely loved the sport and worked their tails off to be able to compete. I've been around the sport a long time and it's funny how some of the crazy talented 4 year olds everyone gets excited...
  9. coachmolly

    For Parents T&T questions

    I coached at a predominantly T&T gym when I first started coaching and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The atmosphere was much more laid back, fewer hours, and way less pressure on the kids. Also one of the most exceptionally gifted coaches I have ever worked with who doesn't get...
  10. coachmolly

    For Parents House shoe for severs

    I stumbled upon them accidentally a few years ago and they are the best! I have some ankle issues due to an old injury as well as very high arches which making most sandals cause some level of pain after long wear but can wear Oofos for extended periods of walking with no issues.
  11. coachmolly

    For Parents House shoe for severs

    I absolutely love Oofos slides, not sure if they meet the criteria for Severs but might be worth a look. The smallest size they have is a women's 5.
  12. coachmolly

    Margaux’s Story: A Gymnast Finally Speaks Out

    You make a lot of really great points. I think a lot of coaches do get into coaching for reasons other than a genuine passion for working with children- unfulfilled dreams of their own or gymnastics being the only thing they know so it seems like the only option are pretty common ones I've seen...
  13. coachmolly

    Margaux’s Story: A Gymnast Finally Speaks Out

    I think there are a lot of dynamics at play and I think Faith nailed a lot of it. It's "worked" in the past and is so deeply ingrained in the culture of the sport that trying to use different, gentler tactics can receive a lot of pushback. Not just among coaches and national bodies, but also...
  14. coachmolly

    Margaux’s Story: A Gymnast Finally Speaks Out

    This is the sport I fell in love with as a little kid, it's been the driving force for most of my life. But right now? I hate it. So sick of these patterns, the lack of self awareness amongst coaches (particularly high level ones), and the inability to listen, learn, and do better. I know there...
  15. coachmolly

    WAG See me on Coaches on Couches.

    So bummed I missed this, sounds like a great project. I walked away from coaching a year ago after taking a job at a club with very questionable coaching practices and couldn't be complicit in such a system any more. I'm hoping to get back into the gym world eventually, but I think at this point...
  16. coachmolly

    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    I'm right there with you. I don't follow any of these accounts because they make me a little uneasy, but they pop up on my Explore page all the time so I have seen plenty. Some seem pretty innocent, mostly about the kid's gymnastics and I'm sure the kid appreciates free leos to post about, but...
  17. coachmolly

    WAG Huge life changes... again!

    Congratulations! I randomly thought about you the other day thinking about gym things and wondered how you were doing. Wishing you all the best with this new position, the gym and kids are very fortunate to have your knowledge and passion!
  18. coachmolly

    WAG Shift Movement Facebook Post

    I used to work at a club that would have a 2 week break at the beginning of the summer- it usually started the last week of school when lots of kids missed due to outside activities anyway- and another one at the end of the summer. Some families tried to organize vacations around the breaks...
  19. coachmolly

    For Parents So disappointing...

    I'm not a big Twitter user but I have been following this atrocity pretty intently. It's completely heart breaking that these girls have worked the majority of their lives for this chance only to be treated terribly by teammates and coaches. I don't know how they held it together for so long and...
  20. coachmolly

    WAG High School Gymnastics

    I used to coach/judge high school gymnastics in Virginia but I imagine things are different in Region 5, I don't even know how much I remember from Virginia at this point. In the Virginia code the general trend was B skills were Superior (sometimes a combination of A acro skills would also be a...