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  1. aerialriver

    WAG reputation?

    I recently placed an order through then and haven't even gotten a confirmation. Are they an honest good company? Can I get my $ back through PayPal if they don't respond? I find it odd that they don't provide a phone number to contact them. Had I known that prior I would not have ordered through...
  2. aerialriver

    WAG Gk discount place

    sorry name escapes me the GK discounter????? What's the name? And does anyone know if they take PayPal?
  3. aerialriver

    Whats in your meet bag?

    Hmm since I'm an adult that still competes but also coach I find most of the things I keep in my bag are not for me. I keep extra socks, extra tape and prewrap, bandaids, hair ties, gel, brush, my own shoes and ankle braces, some water, maybe a snack, ib profin, usually some $ for food if the...
  4. aerialriver

    For Coaches Child - obese, whiny -How do I handle this?

    Have a sit down with the parents. Explain that you want to know how best to help little Suzie because it seems she has a lot of fears and anxiety. Ask them if she talks about gymnastics at home, and if she expresses any interest in coming to class. That way you can get answers and they can sort...
  5. aerialriver

    For Parents woodward west reviews and opinions

    I would never advocate sending a child to camp for the lone purpose of getting new skills. Camp to me is more about fun, building relationships, and building self confidence. I can tell you I worked at Woodward West last summer and they have a lot of truly amazing coaches. The coaches hold daily...
  6. aerialriver

    For Parents ADHD or Just Naughty

    Oh my goodness, she is probably neither "naughty" or "ADHD" she is just a different kid with a different personality which most likely needs different rules and boundaries set for her as an individual. I don't understand why people always want to jump to bad kid or ADHD when a child doesn't act...
  7. aerialriver

    Double mini rules question

    I cannot for the life of me fine the book of rules for USAG T&T anywhere in my gym. We have a meet coming up and I want to compete level 9 on DM. I need to know if you can do 2 mounter passes or if you HAVE to do a spotter and a mounter pass. On the sheet it say 1 mounter pass required but...
  8. aerialriver

    WAG Sia - Chandelier floor routine

    She basically just ripped off moves from the music video.
  9. aerialriver

    For Coaches Sore Coaches

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! Everyday I look in the mirror and am like where did that bruise come from????
  10. aerialriver

    For Parents Is years of gymnastics physically harmful?

    Yes. Any sport you do that makes your body do unnatural things over and over again and puts high forces on your body is. I did ballet for years and my hips are jacked up, they crack strangly but I have to crack them or they get too tight and one of them dislocates.
  11. aerialriver

    WAG Issue with "Name"

    Maybe I am way over simplifying it but why doesn't your daughter just ask the coach to talk for a min. and politely say "I'd really prefer you call me _____, I have personal reasons for it but I don't like being called by my full name." If it doesn't work then you can get involved. Maybe the new...
  12. aerialriver

    nationals for 2015

    Just write them in advance and ask if you can record your 9 year old level 8's trampoline routine with your cell phone so that her Grandma that can't attend can watch it. I'm sure if they get several of those types of request they will let it go.
  13. aerialriver

    Equal time for all events

    Not really, time wise as far as minuets yes, times per week though no. The kids are placed on the events where they need the most work, usually a lot of bars.
  14. aerialriver

    For Parents Summer Camps 2015

    I coached at Woodward West last summer and loved it there! They often "tap" campers and they get another week discounted by a couple hundred dollars. Most kids were there at least 2 weeks.
  15. aerialriver

    WAG Underwear with leos?

    Some people do some people don't. The gym sells GK briefs that match the comp. leotard and if you want to wear underwear you can only wear those. For practice I have no clue about the older girls because they also wear shorts but the little kids do it all the time, saggy dora the explorer undies...
  16. aerialriver

    nationals for 2015

    Well last year I think it was like Jan. when they finally announced it. Maybe they meant they would announce the women's level 9/10 National's locations cause they did that. Also the director is quitting so maybe they just are not making much of a priority out of it. It's annoying. It is...
  17. aerialriver

    For Coaches Scratches

    For what? Injury or not being ready? I think as much notice as possible is good for the kid and the parents if the kid ins't ready.
  18. aerialriver

    For Coaches Parents and Playing Favorites.

    You guys pick the order? Ours are just randomly assigned by the host gym.
  19. aerialriver

    For Parents Home Team Advantage

    were are the judges from that team?
  20. aerialriver

    Dilemma on level

    I'm feeling like this is probably my last year competing. On one hand I really want to go to National's and do well enough to place on the other hand I want to finish as a level 10. I can do a nice DD routine for level 9 that might compete well at National's. I can do min. DD level 10 routine. I...