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    WAG Round off, hollow body position?

    I am not an expert.. but in the two images posted in a gym- do you see how she is piking down? That shouldn't be happening. The legs are not super squeezed Also look at how the arms are forward instead of up. I'd say: - Block harder and faster - Lunge bigger - squeeze legs - close legs a...
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    For Coaches Back Extension Roll to Handstand Troubleshooting

    Fair warning, I am old(!)- and when I was a gymnast we couldn't shift our hands in the HS. I started coaching about 2 years ago, and I have heard and seen different things. Can the gymnast shift their hands from turned in once in handstand? What are good ways to troubleshoot arch-y backs...
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    For Coaches Favorite Drills- In general, not for any specific skill

    I am sorry! How about favorite drills for foundational skills e.g.: Handstand shape, BWO/FWO, RO, FHS, BHS, Blocking, Punching, Kip (the dread!!)?
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    For Coaches Favorite Drills- In general, not for any specific skill

    I love learning from other coaches; in general what are your favorite drills? Of course we have our favorite drills to work layouts or kips- but just in general- what drills do you love?
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    For Coaches Drills + Tips for teaching backhandsprings to Taller Girls as a shorter coach?

    This is great advice! I am shorter coach to and I have found myself struggling with this too!