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    For Parents Nutrition for Gymnasts when training through evening meal times?

    Hi, So my child (8) often has a 5-10 minute turn around from getting home from school to leaving for gymnastics (say home from school at 3:25 and gym starts at 4, so barley time to get changed and shovel some food in on the way (which i imagine hasnt settle properly before warm ups) and then...
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    For Parents 7 year old wants to quit - Looking for advice

    If it was my child I would encourage to continue for a few months - maybe allowing to miss say if she had 4 sessions a week to miss one or two a week and then if at the end of that time she either liked the lesser hours or still really doesnt want to go then I would know to either let her quite...
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    For Parents Advice on moving Gyms for progress - We are torn in half! UK

    Hi lovelies :) First time post here... So I have a 8 year old daughter who is in a smallish town club, she has been there since 4 and was identified as "gifted" and was in their devlopmental squad, however I was unaware and never told about the compulsary pathway as this club doesnt do them and...
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    For Parents "Forced" Breaks can pay off!

    I have noticed this too, my daughter has the odd skill now and then which she can work months and months on and not get then after a holiday like christmas, lock down breaks or vaccation she gets it within a week back! I suspect its a combination of allowing muscles to heal and a break from the...
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    OT Tumbling in cheer vs. gymnastics

    yes there seems to be less riger around cheer tumbles (i'm sure that is not the case at the higher levels) but my son got such bad tumble habbits from his cheer teams that his tumble coach basically couldnt break the bad habbits and he had to drop as it was too unsafe for him to prgress to...