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  1. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Videos

    I'm a fairly young judge but I've done well so far. I'll take a look at it if you'd like.
  2. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Level 7-10

    I did 7 8 9 this season. If I had another year to compete I would definitely stay 9. Level 9 bars is a whole different playing field. Seems like a hard jump if you don't yet have a backwalkover backhandspring on beam yet.
  3. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Name ideas for a gymnastics meet?

    We just attended a Happy Happy Happy meet for Duck Dynasty. You could do some other show/movie. Maybe base it off of the new movie Frozen! It would certainly go with the weather..
  4. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Dinner Trouble

    I have practice from 3:30-8:30 for 3 nights out of the week. (The other days are shorter practices.) So on those days my mom comes to the gym at 6 and brings me dinner to make it through the last 2 1/2 hours of practice. My coach lets us have a "dinner break". She usually makes something with...
  5. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG IGC Questions

    1. No 2.Taking out all the cubes on the first day so the pit won't be compacted 3.Floor tumbling pass and bars 4.Yes
  6. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG How to NOT cast over

    Her ribs are out in the handstand. Can she hold a static handstand on the floor? If not then that's the coaches fault for not teaching a straight body handstand. If she can do it on the floor for a significant amount of time then she's just not thinking about it when she's up on the high bar in...
  7. fliptwisttwirl

    For Coaches Level 8 tumbling passes

    It fulfills all special requirements for level 8 and wouldn't have any compositional deductions. As far as the look goes--a good front through is better then a low front front any day in my opinion but that's up to you.
  8. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Flyaways!

    I watched it earlier today. It's gonna be great for my level 4's over the next few weeks/months. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  9. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Skill value?

    Assuming you're talking about the JO code..if you're talking about the fig (elite) code then it might be different. But those are accurate for JO USAG.
  10. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Skill value?

    1. Yes they're both D's 2. No, a double full is a C 3. Front full is a C 4. Double Arabian is an E
  11. fliptwisttwirl


    Gym time (I think?) was 9-12 AM 2-4 PM and then another hour or two of open gym in the evening that was optional. Plenty of gym time. Those times might not be exact but for the most part I think they're correct. Don't worry at all about not having enough gym time there. In fact, maybe better to...
  12. fliptwisttwirl

    For Coaches Cast Handstand issues

    Have you spotted some swing handstands on p-bars? Great drill.
  13. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    I agree with turning your hands in on the backhandspring into a "diamond". Gives a little flexion so you don't lock out and hyperextend.
  14. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Practice times

    Our compulsory girls only get 6 hours a week as well. Just the current situation we're in. But I think their parents are paying close to $230 or so a month. So yes be grateful for that $80 tuition. :)
  15. fliptwisttwirl

    For Coaches *please help* USA JO rules

    Here's a link to the website!
  16. fliptwisttwirl

    For Coaches *please help* USA JO rules

    Are you saying "rules" as in the code of points? I can't think of anything else that would be considered that. You can order it online but it's a good $60 or so. USAG doesn't offer it free that I know of.
  17. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Flipping Vault Leg Position

    Who knows how to judge vault then?
  18. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Becoming a Judge

    You also need to become a professional member of USAG and get a background check if you are 18. If you want to judge for usag atleast. Go on the USAG website and go to women's-judges- and then there will be a button that says "how do I become a judge?" or something like that. It answers a ton of...
  19. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Becoming a Judge

    Find the number for your state judging will be on your state's usag website. Call them and ask who the region judging director is for your area and for their number or email. They are the one in charge of assigning who's judging at each meet, setting up test dates, etc. That's who...
  20. fliptwisttwirl

    WAG Adidas Leotard

    I think they're longer and skinnier then GK leos. I wear an AM in both but they look completely different. But the adidas one fits me better since I'm tall and skinny. It's definitely tighter though. But good if you have a long torso.