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    WAG Info on UNC High Performance Camp

    Anyone know when they will put out the summer camp schedule?
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    For Parents Easier, more difficult events L8 to L9

    This is DD’s first year in 8 and I can vouch for the event most often scratched in a meet being vault. We have been to two meets so far and that apparatus is unnerving to watch. The last meet especially was a splat fest.
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    For Parents flip fest and IGC camps

    I sent my 13 year old to Flip Fest for the first time last summer. She had an absolute blast and it was a very positive experience. She is trying some new experiences this year, but I would have no hesitations about sending her back.
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    WAG Coach Issues

    It really is that simple. Gymnastics is not a required activity. You have the ability to not go to practice. And if you get triggered by displays of anger, then it’s another reason to not put yourself in that environment.
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    WAG Coach Issues

    Big difference between “saying I shouldn’t do it” and actually not doing it. If you aren’t capable of the latter, then don’t go to the gym. This coach can yell and threaten until they are blue in the face, but they can’t physically make you do the skill. You are the only one that can make that...
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    WAG Coach Issues

    This is something your Mom needs to step in and handle. If it has escalated to the point of your health being put at risk, it’s time for an adult to step in and address the situation and advocate on your behalf. A minor should not be writing emails as a minor could be dismissed since they don’t...
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    WAG Xcel Friday morning sessions

    The flexibility of the Xcel program refers specifically to skills and lower training hours during the week. I’m not sure why you think it should also extend to meet schedules. Xcel, while not as intense as DP, is still not a rec league or an entry level sport like your local YMCA league that...
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    WAG Xcel Friday morning sessions

    I’m going to assume that you are new to the gym world. It’s not possible for every gym to host a meet. Our home gym would be a terrible set up for a meet. They just don’t have the necessary space for spectators. Also it’s not possible to host some of the larger meets, like Metroplex or Excalibur...
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    NCAA Riley McCusker

    Is there a reason Riley hasn’t made a lineup for Florida? Is she injured or are they just that deep in talent?
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    For Parents Flip Fest for teenagers

    My 13 year old went this past summer and really liked it. There were several gymnasts her age and older in her training group. They do group you by skill level. They had her fill out a skill questionnaire at arrival and then had to perform them at the first gym session.
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    WAG Info on UNC High Performance Camp

    I’m considering sending DD to UNC’s high performance camp this summer and was wondering if anyone here has attended or sent their daughter? Would love to hear some reviews from first hand experience.
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    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    My daughter is a 13 year old level 8. She started in XB at 7, moved to level 3 at 8 and has done a level a year since.
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    For Parents Femoral anterversion & external tibial torsion

    My DD has mild femoral anteversion. She was diagnosed at 8. She’s now 13 and a level 8. She did some PT for it and she noticed some improvement. Where it affects her most is her flexibility and her ability to fully straighten her legs, but she hasn’t let it stop her and has found success in the...
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    For Parents Cutting down hours

    I’m a little less concerned when a coach uses it verses a parent, and I think here he seems to be speaking from a coach’s perspective rather than a parent. The coach is putting in the hours and is putting in work same as the athlete, it’s just a different type of work. And “we” is appropriate in...
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    For Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    I agree it may not work for all gyms and all teams. None of DD’s teammates have nut allergies, and they have their own little break area, so they allow it. Definitely check with the gym’s rules regarding nuts.
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    For Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    My DD loves applesauce pouches, apple or banana chips, nut butter bars, and beef jerky. I like the quick shot of carbs from the fruit and yogurt pouches and the fruit chips that provide the energy bursts needed, but I also like the protein and fat that come from the nut butter and the jerky to...
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    For Parents Advice for Pre-Team and Compulsory Parents from Optional Parents

    My gymnast is now training for level 8. The past few months, I’ve had a few parents of compulsory and preteam gymnasts asking for advice. I thought this would be a great place for parents of optional level gymnasts to share some valuable wisdom that we have learned over the years. So optional...
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    For Parents Featured Gymnastics Summer Camps... Which One?

    My DD is attending Flipfest for the first time this year and she is looking forward to it!
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    For Parents Meet etiquette

    I saw a clip on Instagram from the Florida state meet. It wasn’t the level 10 session, but same gym and those water bottles shaking were loud and would have been highly distracting. It’s one thing to train for noise and interruptions and gymnasts need to be able to perform in a somewhat chaotic...
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    ChalkBucket Private Area On ChalkBucket Again?

    Where are the Region 7 members at? I would love for that group to be more active.