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    For Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    Thanks for the ideas!
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    For Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    Thank you so much! I am new to the forums and haven't had time to explore yet!
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    For Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    My daughter is Xcel Silver and practices from 4p-8p twice a week. With our current schedule she gets off the school bus at my work and we immediately head to practice. I usually have her a snack to eat in the car (25 minute drive) and pack snacks for her to eat during break. I feel like I am...
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    For Parents Featured Do you record meets?

    My daughter prefers that I video each event and I wish she didn't. I feel like I cant truly watch her because I am watching through my phone as I take the video.
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    For Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

    Floor, all day long. Least favorites are absolutely beam and bars.
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    For Parents 7 year old wants to quit - Looking for advice

    Following for advice. My daughter loves gymnastics and is always excited to go until summer, when practices change to daytime work outs and she misses out on summer camps, swimming and time swimming with friends.
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    WAG How to fix a high bhs

    Thank you for the explanation. I was reading this post because my daughter has the same issue with her BHS and you gave great advice.
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    For Parents Vacation

    Definitely just let her enjoy the vacation, especially with a stress fracture. Help ease her anxieties of missing out and loosing skills as best you can, but it sounds like she could use a break.