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    Trying again with a new gymnastics forum

    It was very difficult to find a good forum, plus an active one and one where they can help with advice. My parents often ask me about this, about support groups, but I didn't know what to answer before. I think this is important to a lot of people.
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    For Parents Other activities and worry

    I understand your worries, but on the other hand, that's what makes her happy, so why should you forbid it? Other activities will help her keep her balance, the main thing is to support her.
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    WAG Strength Training With Weights

    Exercising with weights is great because you're working out the muscles, you're not gaining weight, and besides, a lot of calories are spent on recovery. We do this kind of training, and so far we haven't had any dissatisfied people.
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    For Parents Gym World

    I can say that, yes, everyone knows each other, this applies to both coaches and owners. I can't say it's like that everywhere, it depends on people. We have a registration, so it would be difficult to arrange that here.
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    WAG Quitting

    Your anxiety is understandable, but friendship is not only built on the same hobbies, it is a connection between you. I'm sure if you talk, everything will be fine.
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    OT Polar Vortex, anyone?

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Many of my friends move because they can't stand being out in the cold. A lot of neighborhoods have had their lights turned off because of this, good thing I'm used to the cold.
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    For Parents Planning for college, academically

    It's good that you're thinking about a college, but it seems like it's still early. Your child shouldn't be terrified about it, shouldn't be constantly worrying that she won't be good enough. Talk it over with your child, what college she wants, decide together.
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    For Parents Communication

    I can tell you from experience that there is nothing wrong with that. Some parents are really afraid to talk, they avoid general meetings, but I don't understand the reason. For the last year, we did all the meetings online, and everything was fine.
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    For Parents Tips to make meets more enjoyable?

    By the way, I was looking for answers too, thanks so much for your post! I've noticed that a lot of parents start communicating and becoming friends, then it's easier on the kids, too. You can do your own thing, you don't have to keep a close eye on everything.
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    OT The Brag/Self-promotion thread

    Thank you for such a discussion where you can share your progress. My success isn't that great, but it took me a long time to recover from my injury and get back to training and then coaching. I'm happy about that.
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    OT Movie suggestions

    I didn't think I would find so many good recommendations here. We usually watch comedies with the kids, and they also love Netflix, there are a lot of good teen series and movies.
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    WAG How / Where to Watch College Gymnastics

    I know my friends' family had been looking for such a college for several years. There are a lot of reviews on youtube, you also have to look at the college program, how they teach, how much time they have
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    Fear in adult gymnastics

    It's normal to be afraid, I often encounter it. But if you do it right, set realistic goals, and take your time, you'll be great. I think that's the way it is in every practice.
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    Hi, new in the forum

    Hello, I'm new here too. How are you guys doing? It's still hard to train now and some have been getting used to this online mode for a long time.
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    Still Out of Gym

    Many people have faced this problem by working out at home. We prescribed different workouts together, so as not to lose activity, as well as nutrition. We hoped that it wouldn't last long, but now everyone is used to it.
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    How is it where you are?

    I can understand. We are still worrying a lot, I am worried about my kids, they know how hard it is to be sick. I can't imagine how they can be so frivolous.
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    How is it where you are?

    Kansas-city. They were worried, but now they are just not afraid of the virus. My friends are travelling now.
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    OT Fitness Equipment

    Working out at home is not that difficult, the main thing is that you have to be motivated. Add activity, go for walks together if the weather is nice. There are free programs by Chloe Ting, they are good but quite hard. I'm sure you'll find something for yourself.
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    How is it where you are?

    No one here is afraid of anything else. All our friends and acquaintances were already sick, so now the cafe is full of people, everyone is walking around and not worried. It's good that masks are worn, but rather reluctantly.
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    Virtual Meets?

    Hello! We've had that experience, we've had meetings and even training sessions. So, we had challenges, we trained together. But still, it's no substitute for live practice.