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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Gymnastics Club Reopening Steps / Process

    I’m sorry if this was covered already, or if it is an ignorant question, but is there concern about equipment (Bars, Beam, Vault/Springboard) getting slippery when cleaned so often? Especially if left to the athletes to do the cleaning for their designated equipment between events as I imagine...
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    For Parents Watching practice

    This is what I am experiencing now. I have a young one, but also have a need to detach to avoid the numerous pitfalls of me sitting in the viewing area. It's tough, because with so many other activities, you have an opportunity to view them at a game/show etc. and she is not competing yet so...
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    WAG Slight Arm Bend

    Thanks all. I don't believe it's structural nor does the coach. It seems that the natural or comfortable state of the arms is always slightly bent. Arm extension and locked out elbows seems to be less natural than with some others at the same age. She does do very well with arm/shoulder...
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    WAG Slight Arm Bend

    No video at this time, but appreciate the offer to provide feedback following visual. Parent, former gymnast and former coach. Agreed, 6 is still a development stage. However, hoping to create strong foundation following coach feedback.
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    WAG Slight Arm Bend

    Coaches, can you please weigh in on this? Thanks!
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    WAG Slight Arm Bend

    6 year old in training for team has a slight arm bend in all skills. As an example, when not up against wall or mat, handstands and bridges are a struggle for her to maintain pushing through shoulders and keep elbows locked. Freestanding on the floor the skills are relatively strong, but still...