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    Suggestions and help are needed...

    Nuts and seeds are always great before gym!
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    To involved parents???????

    YES!! One lady at my gym thinks her daughter is the next shayla worley.
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    I have the same problem!! I have osgoods. ICE ICE ICE!!! It helps so much!!!! osgoods is something that happens when you grow. best of luck :-)
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    OT What's in your gym bag?

    I have advil, grips, floor music, pre-wrap, tape, protein bar, phone, ipod and a book!! Oh, and a water :-)
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    heel pain

    It might be Severs. Its something that happens when you grow. ICE, ICE, ICE!! It helps soooo much!! Good luck at the doctor's!
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    The only way to not rip is to rip, so you can make your skin stronger. In other words, rips are better in the long run :-)
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    How long is your drive to the gym?

    I have to drive an hour to get to may gym.
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    What Injuries Have You/Your Child Experienced From this Sport?

    I am a gymnast and have had some injuries such as severely pulled neck and back muscles, a sprained MCL (knee), a broken growth plate in my foot ( a few toes never grew again ) and a broken foot. - It's not about getting to the top. Its about the hard work and injuries you endure on your way...
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    I must feed!

    You are most likely growing plus the extra work in the gym will make you EXTRA hungry. I went through that. Try to eat healthier snacks when you get hungry like protein bars or nuts. This will satisfy your hunger. These are also great snacks before and after gym! Best of Luck, Savannah