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  1. J

    For Parents warm ups

    Do you guys let your daughters where there warm up suits to practice?
  2. J

    For Parents warm up suits

    How much are these usually?
  3. J

    For Parents DD's 1st Meet Ever

    What a good job my DD4 loved watching the video. How old is your DD?
  4. J

    For Parents Help

    My daughter is 4 and she is on the pre-team she has a lot of potential but she doesn't always listen. I just picked her up and her coach said she wasn't listening and she missed a lot of skills. When I ask her if she wants to quit she starts crying. I know it is not an attention problem...
  5. J

    For Parents 2008 Tour of Gymnastics superstar

    Yesterday my dd and I went to see this show with my dd's team. It was great we were invited to a special pre show and my daugher got Shawn Johnsons and Alicia sacarmone's autograph. If this show is coming to your city you should try and see it.
  6. J

    For Parents Gym question

    I love my gym that DD goes to but I wonder what it would be like to go to a gym like WOGA, or Cinn Gymnastics it must be really fantastic.
  7. J

    For Parents Getting to know each other thread...

    I have 3 kids DS6 DD4 DS2 DS6 Does Karate going for Green w/blue stripe this saturday DD4 Does Gymnastics I am not sure what level she is, right now she goes once a week for 2 hours and in the fall it will be 2 days a week for 1.5 hours, she loves gymnastics and also takes dance. I think the 2...
  8. J

    For Parents Brag alert

    That is great how old is your DD?
  9. J

    For Parents What Would You Do If....

    This all sounds like a law suit waiting to happen. Starmaker your daughter sounds very talented I would hate to see her get injured at such a young age and have a promising career come to an end because of careless coaches. Leaving a 5 year old on the bars alone that is crazy. I would pull my...
  10. J

    For Parents Where to buy Leos

    I was wondering where everyone buys there practice leos from I wish we had a uniform Leo but we don't and I have been buying from GK elite but they are very expensive I just bought 2 today and It was 114. :eek:
  11. J


    Hi I am new to the gymnastic world I have 3 kids DS6 DD4 DS2 My son is into Karate and my daughter was just selected for preteam, she is to young to compete yet, she starts her summer training on wednesday for 2 hours per week then in the fall it will shot up to 3 hours per week plus she does...
  12. J

    How much Leo's and Comp Fees usually?

    Hi I am sorry for all of the questions I am new to all of this my DD 4 1/2 has just been selected for pre team since she cannot compete until she is 6 and right now her tuition is 150 a month for 3 hours per week and I know it is going to get much worse, but I was wondering what they charge for...
  13. J

    Acro Class in Dancing School?

    My DD 4 1/2 will be doing gymnastics in the fall for 2 days per week for a total of 3 hours. She goes to dance school on MOndays and before her class there is a acro class and she wants to take it. But I am afraid to have her take acro in a dance school any opinions?
  14. J

    How much for level 3 0r 4

    I feel the same way about moving lol. I think L5 or 6 not sure is about 320 a month. YIKES. I am going to be paying 150 a month for 3 hours in the fall.
  15. J

    How much for level 3 0r 4

    Oh Gymkat where do you live I think I am moving there lol:). My daughter right now is going to go into a 3 hour class and it is going to be 150 a month :eek:. Jeanine
  16. J

    How much for level 3 0r 4

    What is the average monthly amount for a level 3 or 4?
  17. J

    Is DD to young for private lessons?

    My DD has just turned 4 in April, and she will be starting an advanced class in the summer for 2 hours per week. She has a little trouble doing a cart wheel should I get her a couple of privates or should I just let her do the class?