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  1. J

    New Gym Mom! :)

    hi omg that is awsone at our gym we had a two sets of twins andi and kendi coached and leah and lauren where both level 6 gymnastics how cool
  2. J

    How much for level 3 0r 4

    amount hi at my gym the level 3 and 4s are considered heart of missouri league they go 3 time a weeek for 3 hrs and they pay $360 for 3 months seesions and i pay 550 for 3 months sesion even though im a level 8 going to 9
  3. J

    Just a funny story

    omg this was a very simialar thing that happened to us during the cmap we had all of the girls watched the olympics on the projevtor well we all forgot that chris and hayden (two boys who used to do gymnastics ) where there and we all stripped off our leos and started to work out again in our...
  4. J

    The time has come...

    thats great but i hope ur not at the gym as the same time as ur gf cuz i did that once witha bf and i didnt work out to well we both got hurt showing off o we got in trouble for making out in the boys locker room]
  5. J

    Hi, i need help on vault

    hye i have a tsuk and uracinko but the souble is rele fun after u do ita couple times remember a couple things dont pull in the bar and dont close ur eyes go for it hard or u wont make it around tell me if this works
  6. J

    Back fulls??

    once u get a strong layout u should try to twist and stay tight and pull one are down to ur hip and the other across ur chest it works try it:)
  7. J

    Geelong Gymnast

    hey that is so kool that u can still do that at my gym in missouri we used to have an adult gymnastics claasss adn my mom took it and she is 40- and can do a back tuck so u can definaly do this
  8. J

    Jump to high bar mental block

    hey im a level 8 gymnast and we all meaning gymnast will have a metal block on just about everything my coach threaten me and did everything she could but nothing rele worked but i taught myself rele here are some drills that may help her raise the low bar as high as u can make her sit in a...
  9. J

    can you have a backhandspring, back layout series in a level 8 USAG beam routine?

    :):)hey yeah u can do a bhs layout step out in level 8 as usag rules u rele cant im a level eight and i an doing both layout step out andn bhs backtuck on the beam but i dont know for sure
  10. J

    Everyone please comment its important

    :);)hey it is never too late to start as long as u try im here in missouri and i started when i was 5 but im just a level8 going on 9 so it isnt too late reply when u start i will give u some hints bout skills if u haveing [roblems:cool:
  11. J

    What exactly is TOPs Program?

    in know what tops is hi im gymnast who wanted to train on the tops program but i did nt know what it was this tops program is all strength flexabelity and and all of that it is basically the strongest girls in the country
  12. J

    i dont know how to work this thingy

    :mad:hello im new to this site so if u have ne hints for me i would like to know how to worl this thingy :) thank you jcggymnast