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    WAG BWO fear on beam

    So I've been stressing about my bwo on beam. I need it for the next season. I have a pretty good ball walkover on the floor and I can do it on a floor beam and sometimes a low beam. But I need it on the high beam soon, does anyone have any tips for how to get a more flexible back or how to do a...
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    How tall are you?

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    WAG Back walkover on beam??:(

    Hands but idk why because it's not like I'm on a high beam it's a low beam I'm scared to do it on
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    WAG Back walkover on beam??:(

    Okay, so I am having trouble with my back walkover on beam. I have it in the floor perfectly and I have it on a chubby beam and red squishy low beam really good. I need my back walkover on the HIGH beam for level 5(I am competing level 4 this fall) I don't have it on the real low beam yet:( I...
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    Summer training

    We have a two week break after the summer practice is over and when school starts up
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    WAG Round off 2 back handsprings?

    So I have my RO Bhs perfectly. But I'm just really scared to go for a ro Bhs Bhs. I've done it before lots of times and then now I can't seem to be able to do it..I think part of it is that I think too much and scare myself. And i need this skill before the summer is over or else I won't move...
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    WAG Trouble getting flyaway?

    Okay so I was recently at a gymnastics camp and we were working flyways with a spot into the foam pit. But when it was my turn i was scared to do it. I was really nervous because I have done a flyaway with a spot before and I pulled in and my legs banged on the bar and it hurt pretty bad. So now...
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    WAG Is it normal to love conditioning or hate it?

    Call me weird of whatever but I like it. I like it when I'm tired and sweating because that tells me I'm getting stronger. I like getting stronger
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    WAG Ok, who LIKES their coach??

    I loved my old coach but she moved but I'm scared of my HC as everyone else
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    WAG Need help connecting bar routine..

    So I'm in level 4 and I can't connect my kip to a horizontal cast or horizontal cast to squat on. I do my kip and then I have to change my grip. I have to put my thumb under?? I feel like if I don't put my thumb under I'm going to lean over to far and fall. Any suggestions would be great...
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    WAG Hours a week for training

    That is very low! The level 4s go four days a week for four and a half hours! And that's just in the summer.
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    OT bleeding toe

    Uhh ok.. Then it's probably not an in grown toenail. So then just ice it.
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    OT bleeding toe

    Well first of all for the pain, I'd ice it each day for about 10-15 minutes until it starts to feel better. And it seems that you might have an in grown toenail. That is when your toenail starts to grow into your flesh on the side of your toe. Of course, it isn't major or anything, but it is...
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    WAG Stick with it?!

    Okay thanks everyone! I am going to stick with gymnastics. Thanks for your advice
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    WAG Stick with it?!

    Recently two of my best gym buddies decided to quit. I am devastated. At my gym we always have a partner and now I won't have one. I am always really lonely. I miss them. Gymnastics just isn't the same without them... Advice to keep going would be greatly appreciated!
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    How tall are you?