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    For Coaches Prescriptive advice for side travel during twisting saltos? (video)

    Hard to see on my screen but the best I can tell, it looks like you may be pushing out just a bit with the right foot on the set and starting the twist just a hair early. Have you tried high slow layouts? Do they land straight? If you have a good slow layout, do some with your arms staying in a...
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    For Parents Coaches not around for awards??

    I would stay for the last session but usually was getting something to eat between other sessions. Coaches also usually get a print out of the scores so they know how everyone did each session. They just usually don't have time to sit through the awards. If the coaches' area is within sight of...
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    Baby/ threequarter giant

    Think of it as a clearhip is what I've always taught. The back Extension drills help quite a bit too. If you do a good strong tap, your body will try to do a giant either way. We would also do it as a tap into a giant then push away over the bar into the pit.
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    For Coaches Front giants

    A lot of tap swings with a focus on the counter tap. Reverse grip casts to handstand (usually over a pit to get the feel for the reverse tap) connect press handstand forward rolls (usually in a straddle but if they can pike even better) Hope that is of some help
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    For Parents Another round of "Your kid might be a gymnast IF..."

    When your 4' tall 5th grader is on stage for graduation and a boy in the audience says "My God Mom. Look at the size of that little girls arms"
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    WAG Teen cheerleader forced to do splits article

    The more that comes out about this, the more it points to poor coaching. :( . I hope these kids get a better coach so they don't get discouraged about their sport.
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    WAG Teen cheerleader forced to do splits article

    I could go so many directions with this one. 1. Too many cheer coaches try to over stretch before warming up. 2. Too many cheer coaches don't know proper technique 3. H.S. cheer coaches tend to be worse that elite cheer coaches. I have done plenty of assisted stretches with the kids. If they...
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    For Parents How to apply upper body strength to handsprings?

    Bridge kick overs take more strength that a back handspring. If proper technique is used, only core strength and the ability to do a handstand are really needed for the BHS. Most of the strength activity you listed are pulling type exercises. The skills listed involve pushing. Push ups and...
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    For Coaches Front handspring not clicking

    basically, turn a mat sideways in front of the pit. I don't really have any videos right now. for some reason, the visual of where to put the hands and where not to step gets most kids to do front handsprings.
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    For Coaches My athletes keeps on PEELING

    I stand under the bar and correct the timing of the shape change to hollow on the back swing. Peeling usually means they are coming through the bottom of the swing in the wrong shape. Tell her to start pushing the bar toward the floor as she is coming through the counter swing. Many times...
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    For Coaches Chest Up on Board

    I would coach my beginners and low level vaulters while standing between the springboard and landing area. Most of them don't want to run into me more than once :) . I have been node to put a water noodle on the vault mats sticking out with a pit block on the end of it toward the springboard ...
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    For Coaches Front handspring not clicking

    One drill I can think of that makes a difference for reasons unknown is as follows: unfold a folding mat in front of the pit. Make sure it is parallel to the pit. i.e. there will be only about 4 feet of mat between floor and pit. Have the kid do the FHS into the pit without stepping on the mat...
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    For Coaches Roundoff and backhandspring development

    Cheer tumblers hate it when I don't let them run for more power. Gotta love it. Thanks for quite a few reminders of some drills I haven't done in the cheer world that we did with gymnasts. Maybe I'll get a group for camp some time.
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    WAG Practice Hours?

    It always disheartens me to see some of these times in the gym for small kids. NCAA caps at 20 hours a week. Just sayin'
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    For Parents Strong or flexible?

    From what I have seen, we have those that are strong enough to cheat skills so they do. There are those who are bendy enough to cheat, so they do. It takes a while to get either to use technique. Naturally strong but not flexible tend to pull or strain things Naturally flexible but not strong...
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    For Coaches Coach Work-Outs for Bars

    Of all things, the thing that helped my back being sore was doing the stretches with the kids while leading. Apparently standing and lifting kids for a few hours makes your hamstrings tight :) .
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    WAG coaches telling me different things about handstands...

    I tell the kids to look at their thumbs through their eyebrows. If you can see your fingers, your head is out too far.
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    For Coaches Coach Work-Outs for Bars

    you will find more core strength will keep your back from being injured as easily. I also stretch with the kids many times. That way I don't wake up the next day sore. I spot high school cheerleaders weight upward of 200 lbs and I'm not a large person. Many of the bigger skills don't require...
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    WAG Musicality (or lack thereof)

    Had one girl who's floor music wouldn't play so we played a different girls music for her routine. It was the highest floor score she had gotten for that routine. Sometimes, things just work out :).
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    WAG Curious about "Straddle Tap" - when/how to transition?

    Giants are all a timing issue. I teach kids to try to push their feet under low bar so they get the tap shape at the angle needed for giants. Taller kids will be more hollow (maybe even a bit piked) on the down swing but if they are hitting the correct shape at the right time, the giants and...