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    For Parents She said her goodbyes and is ready to move on

    So glad to hear that your DD is healing well and enjoying the new things she is experiencing - how wonderful for her! When one door closes, a thousand more open, right? My DD's last practice was yesterday. After a rough summer of Sever's, turf toe and frustration with bars, she has decided to...
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    For Parents what is the name of this dance move?

    It seems that the "pop, pop" has replaced the prance steps from the previous comp.'s in L3-5 fx (those are the only levels we compete, so I haven't really looked at 1 & 2). The fall to the floor at the end of 3-5 fx is the real gem, in my opinion ;) Sent from my iPhone using...
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    WAG Finding the value in the dedication of the slower progressing gymnast

    I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of all of this, but just want to say that my DD is one of those slower progressing gymnasts. She is also not one of those kids that is motivated by the podium. She gets some medals, sometimes she doesn't. She's not terribly upset by it. I am grateful...
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    WAG I need your help!

    Done! Love the pic :) Sent from my N860 using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    For Parents Dance / Gym

    My dd takes 45 min of ballet and 30 min of jazz a week. She loves it. At first, it was to enhance her gymnastics presentation, form, artistry, etc. But, it has turned into something she really enjoys and is somewhat of a break for her from gym. She gets lots of compliments from her instructor on...
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    WAG Who are your Favorite gymnasts of previous quads?

    Anna Pavlova. Loved her floor at the 08 Olympics. But, I am a sucker for any Russian gymnast. They are the embodiment of artistry,to me.
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    Speaking of Victoria Moors, she will be there

    Agreed! She is fantastic to watch on floor! Excellent artistry.
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    For Parents So glad that the gym has other down to earth parents

    ^^^ so true! Makes the one or two inevitable crazies tolerable when you are mostly surrounded by great people :)
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    For Parents Yay!! LSU gymnastics!

    Hope you guys have a great time! College gymnastics is a lot of fun to watch. Your DD will love it :) Sent from my N860 using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    For Parents Update on what Dani's been up to lately - Dance Team :)

    Oooo, that was sharp! Loved it! So glad Dani is loving dance. She looks fantastic! I finally convinced my DD to try a ballet class. That was back in September and now she has added jazz ;) She is loving it and has a wonderful instructor. Keep updating us on Dani!
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    WAG Chasse/chasse step?

    I think the exact same thing! But, I take it a step further and actually sing the "Sa-shay, chante" part. Interesting looks when that happens ;) I also get funny looks when I call the beat jump on beam a changement. Most people don't have a clue as to what I am talking about. Sent from my...
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    For Parents Good Thoughts Please, Healing Vibes

    So sorry to hear that it's a stress fracture and she'll be out at the end of the season :( That really stinks! Sent from my N860 using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    WAG Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    I shattered the olecranon in my right arm in a skiing accident when I was 20 (also tore my pcl and mcl in my right knee - what was that tree doing there, anyway?). I had surgery and had screws and pins placed. I was in a brace at 90 deg. for some time, and they gradually adjusted the angle while...
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    OT Anyone going to Harley (Milwaukee) this weekend?

    Not going (obviously), but wanted to wish your gymnasts the best of luck! Hope it all goes smoothly for you and the people helping you run it :)
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    For Parents Thank You CB

    I have had the privilege of meeting and hanging with two fantastic CB members at meets this year. It has been a wonderful experience to be able to support each other's kids, get a laugh in to take a load off, scratch our heads together over scores and cheer for the girls when they make the...
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    WAG JO beam deduction question

    She did the "land the jump, wobble, turn to the side, try to circle the arms to get her balance, put hands down on beam in a pike stretch type maneuver" thing. Didn't fall off. Kept on going. Sounds like it was probably .3. Thanks for your replies :)
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    WAG JO beam deduction question

    Thanks chalkbowl. My mistake on the typo. If only a fall was worth half a tenth! Lol
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    WAG JO beam deduction question

    What is the deduction for putting your hands on the beam to avoid a fall? Does it count as a fall (-.05)? My DD did this after a big wobble landing a jump. Both hands touched the beam. Poor kid can't seem to stay on the beam or keep her hands off when they're not supposed to be, this season. I...
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    For Parents Where to find local meets?

    You can go to the Texas USAG site and look the state calendar, which will have a listing of all the meets in the state. I know TX is a huge gymnastics state, so you should have no problem finding a meet to take your DD to. My DD went a few meets before she started competing and loved it. HTH!
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    For Parents Little brag - my first one!

    That's major and certainly brag worthy, even if it goes against your British sensibilities ;) Way to go!!!