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    Handstands on beam fear

    I have my level 4's do a cross handstand at the end of the beam with a large mat behind it. It allows you to hit the full handstand, and should you fall over, you have a soft surface. If you fell coming back down try doing it on the high beam with enough mats stacked under so you would not be...
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    Repairing bars

    The bars in my facility have been scraped repeatedly by the Team girls with a metal wire scraper. The bars are now totally trashed and scratched, and it is destroying all the girls hands to the point where even team girls are saying they can't do bars because it hurts too bad. Another coach...
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    Private lessons spin off

    For the dad to be expecting the 3 yr old to take it seriously, perhaps someone should chat with dad about the realities of that. I have done one private in 6 yrs of coaching for a beginning level gymnast, and it was because she did not want to be in the class structure because it intimidated...
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    Private lessons?

    My gym does push private lessons, as a coach though I do not. I am not against them but I do not find them necessary in most situations. As was already mentioned, they should be receiving adequate time to work the skills, and provided the coach is skilled and knowledgable on gymnastics...
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    A Non-Gymnast Coach?

    I guess I would like to hear a bit more background information on this matter. What sport did she do growing up, if any? Is she very actively seeking every and all training opportunities she can get? Is she open to critique and constructive criticism regarding her coaching style? What is she...