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    For Parents How do your state meets work?

    It depends on the level. For level 8 it is a percentage of each age group. For 9& 10 it is either a 32 aa or 34 aa
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    For Parents Level progression - is this normal?

    At our first meet this year there was a gymnast from another team who competed level 6 and then in the next session competed level 7. She was a level 5 last year. She did great as a 6 and decent as a 7. She was in my daughters. Age grop for 6 so we were happy to see her move up!
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    Booster Club questions

    One thing you need to remember for meet fees is those are due weeks before the actual meet. For bigger meets that may fill up you may need to pay your entries even earlier. Hence the booster club needs the families to pay fees early. Unfortunately many meets won't do refunds for last minute...
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    L8/L9 - How is regional qualification determined?

    For region 3 it is the top percentage in each age group for level 8. Level 9 and 10 is based on all around score-- I think it is a 34
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    Help finding USA Gymnasitics Logo medals

    Not sure about this one but I think when we hosted state those had to be ordered by our state USAG rep. Not sure you can use them for any other meets
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    Handstand & rash...

    Happened to me as a child from walking on my hands. No worries
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    Question regarding coaches fees

    Our gym handles it the same way you describe as the "old" way. No way can an optional family foot the bill for regionals/nationals/westerns if they are the only one or two in their level!
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    For Parents My dd got hurt doing gymnastics....

    At least the young ones have the excuse of being young. I teach rec classes at our gym and I have problems with the team girls not looking where they are walking and walking through rec classes!
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    Injuries and competition refund

    Usually if the deadline for entries has not passed,you can get a refund. Usually if you are past the deadline for entries, no refund. The gym hosting the meet has to order awards, goodies, etc well in advance of the meet and they can't give back money they spent in good faith. It always...
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    Meet volunteer descriptions

    I have the score keeper directions we use for our home meets. I can't figure out how to attach a word document. any one got any tips?
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    First week of pre team done!

    We don't worry about right and left in our gym--it is your 'favorite' or 'crazy' foot. makes teaching routines easy since you can have righties and lefties go at the same time. We use those terms in rec, preteam and even team levels. It works much better with the young ones and they seem to...
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    Eagle gymnastics move on bars?

    I remember the days of "beating" the bars! And yes your hips were bruised a lot! I can't imagine the time "wasted" each practive due to bar changes--each girls had her own setting since it had to match your height. We had a pad we wrapped around the bar at times to prevent bruising but we...
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    For Parents Booster Club Questions

    Here is how our booster club works: 1. Does your gym have a booster club? YES 2. Are all parents automatically part of the boosters club? YES 3. What is the level of participation by parents? example, 25 team kids, 10 parents are involved for 40% participation 4. Does the booster club pay meet...
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    Coach to gymnast ratio for team

    It depends on our level. 4's have 2 coaches with 14 girls, 5's have 2 coaches with 18 girls--they condition the group together, then split and go to 2 different events. Level 6 and up have approx 8 girls to a group and then the optional coaches rotate between the groups. Each coach has a...
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    For Parents Help with leo

    In defense of the person ordering--it is tricky. I helped measure kids last year with another mom and we then used the GK sizing chart to determine kids sizes. Several kids had leos that were pretty tight and didn't last a second year. One issue is that all the different materials stretch a...
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    For Parents How much time does your young athlete spend training?

    No, the scores are not necessarily the litmus test. You can have clubs "hold" girls back and repeat levels to be perfect compulsaries yet those girls may never move on to optional levels. Other clubs may be doing one year at each level and not going for perfection at the compulsary...
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    For Parents Reflections on State Meet

    Ohh--I know who your dd is! We hosted the state meet and someone told our head coach that there was a girl with no coach. Our head coach tried to get the girl to head out to warmup--offered to watch her, help her. The girl said no because the coach would be mad. I know coach had her go sit...
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    For Parents Search for alternatives

    My dd is at the gym that hosted state so I maybe can answer some of your questions. The reason the teams are mixed up at the state meet is because the rotation schedule is predetermined. All the teams are put into 8 roughly even squads without splitting teams. Then it is a randomly drawn to...
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    JO Event specialists

    Yes in Tramp and Tumbling you can compete different levels for each event and you don't have to do all 3. However, the meets then can be all day for a child as they may have one event in the morning and one in the late afternoon. My dd switched to TandT this year and we spent almost 8 hours at...
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    For Parents Repeating Level 4?

    The last few years roughly half our level 4's have repeated and the other move on up. There is no set score to move up--it is based on what the coaches think is best for each girl. Every now and then we have a girl chose to repeat because they or their family aren't ready for the jump in...