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    meet tonight wish me luck ! :)

    my third meet is tonight wish me luck please ! :)
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    Back hip circle help!!!!

    back hip circle help reply keep your hips to the bar and lean back! :D
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    Should we get a beam at home?

    I made mine and it was really easy! I just went to my local hardware store got a 4x4 and a 2x4 when i got home i cut my 4x2 in half and sanded all three pieces. I then screwed a half of a 2x4 into each end and it was done! I saved a lot of money, you can add carpet if desired, and choose the...
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    Gymnastics gifts?

    What about charm bracelets with bars,a spring, board a boombox (for floor music), a beam, a gymnast in a pose, and the olympic symbol charms. I have seen them before, but cant remember where. Sorry i'm not much help am I? :(
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    almost kip!

    :D Ok, so I am really close to my glide kip on bars i went to open gym yesterday and that is all I worked on. I got two really bad rips one on each of my hands. So my question is what are remidies that work for you and any tips to get my glide kip? :)
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    Beam queen wannabe

    I did great on floor and vault but bomed on beam and bars. Beam 5.65 bars 7.75 floor 8.825 and vaut 9.0
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    Your own personal inspirational and motivational poems

    If you are still taking requests for poems could you wirte one about having a horrible beam routine in a competition and all you want is to jump back up and get another shot?
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    Gymnastics Poems!!

    new poem? If you are still taking requests for poems could you write one about having a horrible beam routine in a competion and all you want is another shot?
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    Unjust beam score?

    thanks thats what a lot of people were telling me i just wasnt sure if they were trying to make me feel better or if it was true.
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    The Official "Make It Or Break It" Thread

    My favorite charcters are in this order Kaylie, then Payson or Kelly [its a tie].:)
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    Lowest scores ever?

    wow! i never thought a judge would be like that now i am thankful for a 5.65 on beam in my first meet even if it is just a 5.65
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    Unjust beam score?

    thank you i am just really worried because all i want to do this year is make it to lvl 5 by the last 2 meets.
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    Lowest scores ever?

    So i was thinking and came across something i suddendly became really curious in. My question to you is what is the lowest score you have recieved, given or seen on any apparatice? Please do not make up any scores. Please reply for i would like to know.:D
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    Unjust beam score?

    i am sorry i did not provide enough info i did all of the other skills close to perfect and a bunch of ppl said tht i had to have close to perfect skills to get tht high of a score with that many falls. level four
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    Creative uses for NON GYM equipment :)

    I use a chin-up bar as a kip bar.
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    Unjust beam score?

    Just got back from my first meet today. I got the following scores bars-7.75 vault 9.0 floor-8.825 beam- 5.65:( as you can plainly see i did horrible on beam. all i did to deserve deductions that my coach said and what i saw in the video is i fell four times and wobbled a little certain...
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    1st meet ever!!!!

    my first meet ever is in about 12 hrs and i am soo nervous it would really halp if i had some "good luck"!:o:rolleyes::D:eek: