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    Shantessa Pama College Route

    i heard she did great at states, who did she do ???
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    OT New gymnastics videos site now open!

    oh i joined it!!!
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    College gymnastics on tv

    hey i saw the LSU, Georgia meet too!!!!
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    Pick Your Gymnastics Dream Team?

    Nastia Liukin Fan Ye Dominique Dawes Alicia Sacramone Cheng Fe Oana Ban
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    Shayla Worley upgrades!!!

    oh ok, i had watched gymnastics 360 with shannon miller i think that its great their adding new skills!!!
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    Shayla Worley upgrades!!!

    :DShayla Worley has a new floor routine she plans to show at the 2008 American Cup, and she plans to upgrade her vault to a DTY. here is the link to the article:
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    Can anyone help me???

    ok thank you!!! i live 5 mins away from downtown orlando.
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    Can anyone help me???

    Im interested in starting gymnastics again, not to compete though, i want to do an adult program sine im 19. Does anyone know about any gyms with adult programs in orlando, FL????
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    i used to do it but i stoped, you??
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    Hey everyone, im a big gymnastics fan and im happy to find that there are alot of people who love gymnastics too.