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    WAG Keep young gymnasts safe with these tips from experts and an aspiring Dallas-area Oly

    I sent my comments to the journalist. She was unconcerned about the errors because she said the overall article was correct. Sheesh!
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    WAG Keep young gymnasts safe with these tips from experts and an aspiring Dallas-area Oly

    Gym safety (Not sure where you get pads and elbow braces) Dr. Grant L. Jones and Dr. Brian R. Wolf of Stop Sports Injuries (stopsportsinjuries .org) say parents should make sure that coaches: Have gymnasts wear safety gear, including wrist guards, hand grips, footwear, ankle or elbow braces, and...
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    Religious Conflicts with Practice

    OMG, Dunno, I laughed until I cried! Soooo true.
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    WAG Plano/Dallas Gymnastic Options ... Moving Soon

    Totally agree with dunno. All are very good gyms. Pick the one closest to your house as possible.
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    For Parents Not moving up to level 5

    My 2 cents. Bear in mind that there are many gyms who repeat level 4s and 5s to get higher scores the next season. They then post these scores on their websites, bragging about how many state champions they have. Also they have more kids at compulsory levels which is a real money maker for the...
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    what to do when they quit?

    I agree 100% with Aussie Coach. Sometimes it is something bugging them that they haven't shared with you. I told my DD that if she wanted to go to a gymnastics camp she would have to continue until camp was over, which was about a month, then she could quit. She wanted to go to the camp and...
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    Do all gyms have certain coaches that choose to only work with certain girls?

    My 2 cents We noticed this sort of thing happening with a coach that was new to our gym that coached optional beam and floor. My DD said she picked out a few girls from the team and focused all of her attention on them, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. The girls would ask for...
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    For Parents No parents allowed

    I agree with all the posters that would not allow parents to watch anytime. Personally, I never stayed much, stretching is boring! But I could stay if I wanted to. One of my DDs coaches use to recruit parents to come on the floor and pretend to be judges right before meets. Helped to get the...
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    Keeping behavior under control

    I posted this a while ago so it may be familiar to some. My 9 year old DD (and several teammates) had the same problem of the "mean girl" at the gym who would not only call her names but tell her what she was doing wrong. We brought the bullying up with the head coach who blew off our complaints...
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    For Parents Girl Scouts: trying to do too much?

    My daughter was lucky enough to have a leader with a kid in gymnastics. The girls in her troop are all in high school and they have gotten their Silver and Bronze awards and are working on their Gold awards. If she had to miss a meeting she got the work for the next meeting from the leader. Our...
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    For Parents Parenting Crisis Here...

    Get Out Now. This is child abuse.
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    Final Update to "Making Daughter Quit due to lack of Improvement"

    Just have to put in my 2 cents worth. Our DD had similar problems "making progress". She stayed stuck at level 6 for 2 years before she finally got a score high enough to move to 7. Turns out her problem was actually ADD. (I posted about our problems with her gym and coaches before we finally...
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    chiropractic care?

    There are several chiropracters who specialize in athletes including gymnasts. Find one of those. We mainly took my DD for a really good massage from the massage therapist who works in the office. The chiropracters we used mainly treated minor subluxations of the wrist and ankle. And they were...
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    Coaching a child with ADD?

    After a few weeks break, DD decided to leave the ultra-competitve gym. She is looking at a gym with fewer gymnasts and a more supportive environment.
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    Coaching a child with ADD?

    Thank you coachmolly and Aussie coach! I have sent an email to the HC to let her work out on the medication. If they are not willing to work with her, then maybe it is time to go.
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    Coaching a child with ADD?

    Anyone have any experience coaching a child with Attention Deficit Disorder? My DD has just started on medication and it is working well for school. She is on a weeks break to get her medication levels adjusted. Her doctor says it is fine to go back to gym, but I am getting some pushback from...
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    Most Creative uses for Home Equipment, lol

    As I mentioned in my other post, our $150 beam became a cat scratching post. The rectangular competition trampoline is now a tanning bed in the daytime, and at night a good place to sleep on and stargaze, (5 kids were laying on it watching the recent total eclipse of the moon). This trampoline...
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    Should we get a beam at home?

    My DD has a real nice beam that is about 8 ft long, padded, with suede leather wrapped around it. She did not use it much since it is too short, but the cats loved it. They thought it was great that we got them a $150 scratching post.
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    For Parents Reminder for parents - Meet Etiquette

    This is a repeat of last season's rant/vent. Please wait until awards to scream for your kid and team. Loud cheering/yelling during the meet while gymnasts are competing is disturbing to the gymnasts as well as other spectators. In some cases I have not been able to hear the floor music.
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    College scholarship discussion MOVED from 'Should DD quit due to lack of progression'

    Please don't believe that a girl HAS to be a level 10 by freshman year in high school. There is no 'ideal" path. I personally know several girls who are now have full ride college gymnastics scholarships who did not reach level 10 until their junior or senior year. And as one of the previous...