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    WAG Injury week of State Meet

    Region 8 is back to 35.00 at Level 9 in addition to Level 10. So petition for either would be 36.00.
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    WAG how old is the youngest female L10 gymnast?

    While I understand this discussion has become focused toward younger students at this point, our public district has a high school which is geared specifically toward students with outside commitments (listed specifically as jobs, arts like music or dance, and high level sports). All electives...
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    WAG how old is the youngest female L10 gymnast?

    Honestly, while some of the individuals are (or can be) publicized, the sheer number of girls those changes would actually effect by upper optionals is probably in the tiny fractions of one percent. It's possibly a fine guideline to keep from pushing those who may have the talent, but it just...
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    WAG how old is the youngest female L10 gymnast?

    DD's gym has a L10 who competed her entire first season at the age of 11 and is doing very well in year 2. Also a 12yo first year L10 this year. No embedded gym home-school and 20-22 hours/week max practice time. It's really all about the gymnast, when you start, and the coaching.
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    For Parents Practicing while on vacation?

    For 1-2 weeks, even our upper optionals just take a conditioning list. That's not really extended enough to worry about.
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    For Parents Practicing while on vacation?

    If you're particularly concerned about it, I'd ask her coaches. Some coaches welcome a different perspective and encourage outside training like other open gyms and camps. Other's strongly prefer that their coaching plan not be disrupted with different techniques that could potentially confuse...
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    For Parents Clueless how college stuff works...

    This. I played a sport at a small, D3, private, out-of-state school. In that case, the coaches worked with the admissions dept. to put together the best aid package they could. I ended up with about a half-scholarship (that was ambiguously named and merit based, I guess) and when I stopped...
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    WAG Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    That's interesting - Region 8 can only petition in 9/10. No petitions are accepted in 6/7/8. Good luck! Wrists and hands are involved in like every aspect of this sport!
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    For Parents To move or not to move?

    We were in a similar situation a few years ago. We made the move to a gym an hour away, and it has been very positive. I'll make two comments. 1) Talent will not overcome inexperienced coaching. If the current gym does not have a coaching staff who is familiar with getting girls into upper...
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    WAG Gym(s) question

    Can speak to NC. First I'm not sure I'd "avoid Everest like the plague" as there are multiple sides to every story, a lot of which has been discussed in a quite lengthy thread here. I will say that their 8/9 team appears very small this year but they have some amazing 10s. This would be about...
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    WAG Attire deduction

    Sort of off topic but our gym's leos this year are GK (quite appropriate, thankfully) and the Navy body is bleeding into the white sleeves even just during competition. Those who have washed the leos and weren't careful got it much worse. I too would expect way more from GK.
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    For Parents Skipping Level 5

    We are in a state where Compulsory states are in December, and of course the Optional cycle is in March. We see a lot of 4/6 and 5/7 splits. In other words, my DD's (large) group competed L5 in the fall and L7 in the spring two months later. Another gym close to us is pushing some of it's...
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    WAG Manhattan Classic questions

    We were there last year. I'd echo the post above. The seating is all floor, but it could be a long-ish walk from the front door to your "gym", and the "gyms" were set up in kind of a line. In our "gym" the seating had a good view of floor and vault, but beam and bars were far off.The best...
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    For Parents Too much, too soon? Making everyone crazy?

    DD went from her first ever meet (which was XS) to her first L7 meet in just under two years, with a gym change and full seasons of L4 and L5 in between. It was challenging for her, to say the least. L8 was okay, but she's finally more prepared this year for L9 than she has been since XS...
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    WAG vault

    In our case, DD was terrible at (though not necessarily terrified of) the FHS and she ended up with a decent Yurchenko. She never did a Tsuk, though. The vaults are just all different.
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    Hi There...

    Parent here - DD is 2024 and set to compete L9 this year. I've been reading the boards for a little bit and figured I'd join in on the fun ... so ... Hi!