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    For Parents How do you best approach a new gym?

    We're in a slightly different situation, most of the level want to leave and we all know it. There are 2 good gyms to choose from, one is a little farther than our current gym and the 2nd is way too far for now. I had talked to the 1st gym last year, they are very strict about changing gyms, you...
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    WAG Does your gymnast take any vitamins/ suppliments?

    Juice Plus all the way! My daughter was always missing school for being sick before I started her on it, now the only time she misses is for meets. She gets mad "it's not fair, all my friends get sick, why can't I". She threatens to quit taking her Juice Plus, which is just fruits and veggies...
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    For Parents Vent, Daughter's floor routine is driving me Crazy!

    My daughter had a great floor routine choreographed last year, at great expense when she was in level 7, our floor coach at the time had made the decision that all optional routines would only have 2 tumbling passes, so that's how it was choreographed. My daughter had to have surgery before the...
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    WAG Confusion about Optionals...

    It's interesting that some gyms want you to compete level 6 and then score out of level 7; our gym wants my daughter to do the opposite, to score out of level 6 so she can compete level 7 this season; the only problem is, she doesn't seem interested in her giant at all which is very...
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    WAG Level 6 - how many girls do BHS on beam and at least one giant on bars?

    We still don't know what dd will be doing for level 6, she gets her floor choreography in 2 wks and her beam probably a week later but she also has to score out of level 5 at Judges Cup. I'm sure her beam will have a bhs, she might do it L5 too; that's what their wanting this year but she also...
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    For Parents Vacation?

    That was my dd
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    For Parents Vacation?

    My dad always wants me to find a gym she can go to and since we usually are visiting family, they can watch her practice when usually they only get to see pictures or an occasional video...she would live at the gym if possible!
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    For Parents Flat Feet

    Google kinesio tape and you might find some ideas, also you might be able to find a PT who's trained in kinesio tape, they might be willing to teach you and sell you a roll; I'd look at the private PT's not the big companies on every corner. They often have insoles that can be made to order...
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    For Parents Optionals skills question

    This is my DD'S 1st year in optionals. I've seen a lot about "A", "B", and "C" skills but haven't found anywhere that spells out what skill is in each group; is there such a place?
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    For Parents ROFL

    My friends went once last year to my DR level 4 meet and said they'd be back when she reached
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    For Parents social group for WAG L6 and L7 parents

    Mine is a 6/7 this year. Please add.
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    WAG Does your gymnast take any vitamins/ suppliments?

    My daughter takes Juice Plus+, which is fruits, vegetables and berries in capsule form; many athletes are on them including the Fierce Five and the alternates, tho she's taken them longer than that. She's missed school once in the past 4 years since she started it and 90% of her team came down...
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    For Parents Level 5 Beam

    Are there higher points for competing a back hand spring or a back extension roll on the beam instead of the back walk over? My daughter's coach wants her to compete the back hand spring next season since she already has it.