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  1. Gymfinn7

    Kip Squat On

    Any tips on how to connect a kip squat on?
  2. Gymfinn7

    WAG Uprise

    Hey people! So this season my coach wants me to compete an uprise which is a B skill. I'm actually really close to it on the real bars, but I can make it in our trench bar, but my coach makes me straddle when I'm in the trench bar and I'm wondering if that's a deduction. Any tips or helpful...
  3. Gymfinn7

    WAG Help with input...anyone ever go to these meets? Feedback appreciated

    I've done luau in Leo's at Kalahari probably about 3 times, now and I just love it!!!!! The judging seems fair, and the equipment is always nice. But the meet is just really fun, and after the meet you can stay and go to the waterpark!
  4. Gymfinn7

    WAG Flyaway Mental Blocks

    Hello everyone! So last year I competed the old level 6/ xcel gold and I competed a flyaway in my routine. I never had trouble with them, they were always easy. And now this season I'm gonna compete the new level 6/7 but I need a flyaway.... More accurately a cast flyaway. Here's my problem now...
  5. Gymfinn7

    Mock meets?

    The only time we ever charged was when we wore our competition Leo's and got ribbons but it was pretty cheap.
  6. Gymfinn7

    Mock meets?

    We've done mock meets a few ways. We've done it where we just compete in our practice Leo's and our coach judges our routines. We don't win anything. Another way we've done it is were we split the team in two; they each have a team name, a captain, and a practice Leo of their choice that...
  7. Gymfinn7

    WAG Deep Squat in BHS

    My coach has us start with our arms down at our sides. When we go to jump we lean a little forward and throw our arms back. Also when we jump we bend are legs ever so slightly.
  8. Gymfinn7

    WAG Scoring better in optionals than compulsories?

    I was better at optionals than compulsory. Compulsory kept me in a box, and it was a struggle. But once I was free and could work on different skills, my routines, confidence, happiness, and my skills just flourished. Everything got so much better for me.
  9. Gymfinn7

    WAG Severe competition nerves

    What my friends and I have done before meets is that we stretch, do yoga, and visualize our routines. Then during the meet we don't watch the other kids- especially on beam- and usually we distract each other by telling stories/jokes, and just enjoying ourselves. But we also wouldn't stand...
  10. Gymfinn7

    WAG Cast handstand, and giants help!

    Thanks for all the help with the cast handstand!!! But for my giants, my other coach was kind of lazy and usually sat around all practice doing nothing, while my new coach whenever she comes around to help me over, I freak, and kill my swing.
  11. Gymfinn7

    WAG Cast handstand, and giants help!

    Hello! So currently at the moment I'm suppose to compete level 6, which isn't bad but the only thing keeping me from going to Level 7 is my cast handstand and giants on bars. Whenever I try my cast handstand I "lock" my shoulders so that I can't get all the way to handstand, not to mention that...