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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    I do my daughters hair the same way but mine isn't quite as together as yours. I got the idea out of the American Girl doll hair book.
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    For Parents Just curious.....

    My DD is built like Mary Lou, very short, strong and firm. Everyone, including her coaches, tell me she has the perfect gymnast body because when she does her sills she looks so fast and strong. IMHO it doesn't matter what their body type is as long as their skills and technique are good and...
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    How much Leo's and Comp Fees usually?

    As you can see it depends on they type of Leo your team uses. Our leo is a tank and it cost us $35 and our warm-ups were $85, we required matching team bags with the girls names on them and they were $30. Comp fee's are going to be around $93-97 per comp. We are only going to compete in 5 this...
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    For Parents Getting to know each other thread...

    1. I have 3 1/2 kids:D DSD ~ 17 y/o Sr. DD ~ just turned 8y/o going into 3rd DD ~ almost 6y/o going into 1st DS~ 4 1/2 pre-k 2. 8 y/o has been in gym since K 6 y/o tried it for 6 months and decided she wanted to be a ballerina instead DS to start in August 3. 8 y/o is level 5 team...
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    How much for level 3 0r 4

    I wish I lived in some of your states gymnastics is so cheap. 6hr/wk $220 9hr/wk $260 + all the extras: pictures, Leo's, clinics, etc. Our coach gives free extra practices if you request it and she has time. The gym also has clinics twice a month that are all day and the gym charges $40 per...
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    For Parents Poll: What level is your dd (or child)

    my DD is level 5 but her coach is having her compete level 4 for a year because she has never competed before.
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    Hello, I found this site when I was surfing the web trying to find leo's for cheep, and let me tell you I was very excited. My daughter is 8 years old and been in progressive gymnastics since she was 5. This is her first year we could afford to put her on team and she will be competing...