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  1. TigerPawLove

    Broken Elbow:( What to do?

    State championships are in 5 weeks and I've gone and Broke my elbow and sprained my wrist. Cast is't coming off for another 7 weeks. I know I can condition, and I can work on skills that don't involve my arms, but I'm not sure What else I can do. I'm out of state now. I was thinking of dropping...
  2. TigerPawLove

    WAG Ballet slippers on Beam?

    I seem to have an issue with turns on Beam, and on the floor aswell, It's like my feet just don't want to turn. I i turn, my toes seem to catch on the floor/beam, and I've broken toes many times due to this. Myself and most of the girls on my team are all Ballet dancers as well and we were...
  3. TigerPawLove

    WAG Deductions for hair colour?

    I wish my school had that rule. Our only rule is that it has to be at least to your fingertips with your arms at your sides. Even then, the teachers don't do anything about it if it doesn't.
  4. TigerPawLove

    WAG Deductions for hair colour?

    You are hilarious. I Asked my coach and she said that she hadn't heard of it before.
  5. TigerPawLove

    What level is The Shushunova?

    Mine won't show up. :S.
  6. TigerPawLove

    WAG Deductions for hair colour?

    Is there a deduction for unnaturally coloured hair? (Red, Blue, Purple) Not just tinted after slapping a temporary dye over brown hair, but like, bleach then the colour, bright. I don't know if there is a rule? Help?
  7. TigerPawLove

    What level is The Shushunova?

    I forgot CB doesn't show the flag anymore... Australia.
  8. TigerPawLove

    What level is The Shushunova?

    It might be getting put into level five here.
  9. TigerPawLove

    What level is The Shushunova?

    I just wanted to know what level The Straddle jump Shushunova and the Hitchkick half Shushunova is? Is it normal to have level fours doing this?
  10. TigerPawLove

    Funny falls

    First time I attempted a back handspring, I was too scared to put my hands down, so i pulled them in and did a shusinova Instead. And with that, I was happy i had a higher level skill:)
  11. TigerPawLove

    Grip choices?

    In one of my other posts, I said I had a problem with rips and whatnot, and also I have very small hands, so it's hard for me to swing properly. Tonight at Practice, coach said I can get Grips if I want, it's up to me, but my problem might just be with the set of bars we work on, (they are...
  12. TigerPawLove

    Gk Leo question?

    I buy all my leo's on ebay, and i was wondering if the Gk leo's with the iron on like logo are real gk ones? The only leo's ive ever had were the ones with the sew on logo, and since this one had awkward arm holes, i was wondering if i got ripped off?
  13. TigerPawLove


    When you first started Gymnastics, did you do a lot of up-training? And I don't mean working on a pullover in level 1, I mean my first lesson we were doing layouts on tumble trak, double fronts into the pit, and front tucks on floor. Our level fours are working layouts on rod floor and level...
  14. TigerPawLove

    Shorts, Yes Or No?

    Lately, well ever since I found out I was training for the State qualifying meet, I've been a bit iffy on shorts. I started late, and there is only one other teen girl in the group, but she has no problems with shorts. There is only one girl who is 8 that wears just a leotard to practice, and...
  15. TigerPawLove

    Palm guards/ Pre-Dowel grips?

    Thank you dreamergymnast!
  16. TigerPawLove

    Palm guards/ Pre-Dowel grips?

    I'm a level 3/4 gymnast and I'm 14. I'm 123 pounds/56 kilos and Being on bars for even the slightest amount of time makes my hands practically bleed. I've only been a gymnast for just over a term, so I'm obviously only skilled up to the level 4 routine (In Australia), but the amount of rips I've...