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  1. gymmama43

    For Parents Need advice on competition hair for short hair

    Thank you for all the suggestions! I'm glad to know pins and barrettes are OK during competitions!
  2. gymmama43

    For Parents DD starts competing this does the scoring work?

    DS is in his third year, but DD is just beginning her first year. Though I've only seen one girl's meet, I could tell the scoring range is drastically different. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated!
  3. gymmama43

    For Parents Need advice on competition hair for short hair

    I have a little one who has always had issues growing hair. She recently turned six and still had very short, THIN, wispy hair that barely reached the nape of her neck. She would often leave gymnastics crying because she so desperately wants a ponytail and all of the other girls have one...
  4. gymmama43

    MAG choosing meets for qualifying

    Thanks for your reply. That could definitely be a consideration. Our main concern is whether it is REQUIRED. We've lost our non-profit status, we are in the red thanks to old members leaving with balances owed, and we're concerned about whether we can fund the necessary meets. So we definitely...
  5. gymmama43

    MAG choosing meets for qualifying

    Our booster club is trying to determine what meets we can afford to attend and which ones are absolutely necessary. Our coach says our optional athletes MUST either compete at Las Vegas or Florida each year but is very, very vague as to why. Our booster club is deep in the red and needs to cut...
  6. gymmama43

    Non-profit boosters and deposits

    Boy, I am learning a LOT from this forum! Many thanks to everyone who replied to my last question about managing a booster club. I now know that a non-profit booster club cannot require fundraising AND must split funds equally among all gymnasts. With that being said, is it legal to require an...
  7. gymmama43

    Booster Club Management

    I am very new to this, and I do admit upfront that I'm not sure how the Booster Club stuff is supposed to work. Right before my ds started (over a year ago) there was a huge upset at our gym where numerous parents and gymnasts left the club. Apparently the officers were upset about something...
  8. gymmama43


    I'm very new to all this and joined hoping to learn from experienced parents who know the ropes! I look forward to learning a lot!