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    Help with the business side

    I live in a small town that has 1 gymnastics program and its failing. So I would love to start up my own tumbling classes by cant afford a facilty. So I'm considering asking a cheer gym to allow me to rent their space to teach tumbling classes. I would like to make sure I have all my ducks in a...
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    For Coaches 2nd meet and level 4's still wont connect ROBHS

    Im at a loss. I have a few level 4's that will not connect their robhs in the floor routine. This will be our 2nd meet and Im at a loss. I have tried everything from drills, spotting, and verbially supporting them. Any suggestions? Im getting to the point where if they dont start working harder...
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    Level 4 ROBHS

    I have a level 4 that wants me to spot her on her ROBHS in her floor routine during our competition. A part of me wants too but yet I need her to not reley on me to always help her. Any thoughts?? Also whats the greater deduction a coach spotting or eliminating the BHS?
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    Shoot throughs

    For the cut back I have the girls transfer their weight to their opposit arm and one quick motion, swing the leg over the bar. Make sure their chest stays over or just over the bar. My girls will usually hit their ankle a few time before they finally understand that they need to lift their leg a...
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    Concerns about coaches response to daughter injury ( not asking medical advise) :)

    As a coach, I see both sides. If any of my girls have any complaints of pain than I always ask them if they can continue. If not then I have then ice it for awhile then if they still feel they cant come back and practice then I have them condition. Unless the have broken limbs or any obvious...
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    Booster Clubs and fundraisers

    Can someone please send me the link for the scrip program?? Thanks
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    For Coaches Question on lvl 3 beam routine

    Which is the correct way for the lvl 3 routine? I've been told to teach it both ways by 2 different coaches. After the handstand take 1-3 runnning steps, pivot, and then split jump or after the handstand take 2 running steps, pivot and then if you landed with the wrong foot for the split jump...
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    Does your gym organize fund raisers? Ideas?

    We do brat frys at a local grocery store. We sell brats, burgers, nachos, ect. Try to get the food donated to the team and then you will make clear profit. Also look into local fests or fairs in your town. Try to get a booth to sell food.
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    Does anyone know of great ways to put on a fundraiser to help some of my gymnists pay for gymnastics lessons?
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    Drills for a round off back tuck

    I need some drills for a round off back tuck. One of the girls that I am teaching needs this skill for cheerleading. Any advise would help greatly. Thanks