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    For Parents If you knew then what you know now....

    No, no no. I am trying to get 14 year old DD to quit. Having YDD quit, and get her love of herself back makes me regret putting either one in. Maybe a different gym would help, and I have already told DD that she no longer has a choice, she is moving after states/regionals this year, whether she...
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    For Parents Need Xcel Diamond info!

    Since you are from my state, I can answer. :) For states she just needs compete in one qualifying meet from the master meet schedule, whatever that is. But knowing your gym, she is fine for that. For regionals she needs to qualify in the top % of %, regardless of age group at states. Last year...
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    For Parents Life After Gymnastics

    She loved it. The coach was excited to have her and she will be starting next week.
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    For Parents Life After Gymnastics

    Mine just quit two days ago, after a gym switch this summer. She is actually being evaluated for diving tonight, so i am keeping my fingers crossed that she likes it.
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    WAG making a gym change for one kid but leaving the other

    We have finally made the decision to make a gym change for YDD. Neither she nor I can take the negativity any longer. ODD is going to stay (provided gym doesn't kick her out - they know YDD is not coming back, they just don't know she is going elsewhere. Well, actually ODDs two coaches know b/c...
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    WAG floor music help

    So she really likes this one, however I am not spending 500 for music. :) Any suggestions for something similar?
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    For Parents Should this JO Level 2 girl be done with gymnastics?

    I believe staying xcel. She plays hockey, and wants to try diving, and since I am unsure about where the heck I am sending her it probably makes the most sense to just stick with what she knows.
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    For Parents Should this JO Level 2 girl be done with gymnastics?

    We are in the process of switching gyms for younger DD. They want her to repeat silver, again, because they don't feel her effort is what it could be, despite the fact that she has her flyaway, full on floor, back handspring on high beam, has been kipping for 3 years, ...... My current plan is...
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    WAG floor music help

    She is ok with violin
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    WAG floor music help

    DD is looking for new floor music. I think we have listened to almost everything out there and she likes nothing. She is 13, xcel platinum. Not powerful, more elegant.
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    WAG What happens if...

    Not states, but this just happened to is at a regular meet. The gym lost power, and cancelled the Friday night sessions and then too kit session by session on Saturday. YDD was cancelled. She was given the option of competing in a later session, or waiting a week and competing when the gym...
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    For Parents Frustration with Xcel

    My girls do xcel, and our gym def has harder requirements to move up than most of the gyms I read of on here. YDD is repeating silver, b/c they MUST do two years at each level, regardless of how they scored. This is our gym rule. Smetimes the kids do 3 years. We actually have one doing a 4th...
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    WAG xcel to JO level comparison?

    It does vary widely. Mine are silver and platinum. Silver DD: vault - silver vault Beam - full turn, bwo, gainer dismont Bars - kip, bhc, squat on, jump, kip, bhc, tapswing turn dismount floor - robhsbt and cwbhs. Platinum DD Vault - half on half off Beam - fwobhs. bwobt as her dismount...
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    WAG Another Rough Day...

    I am so sorry. My daughter has cystic fibrosis, and has had some pretty crappy lung function over the past year or so. This time last year she was functioning at 69%, and her gymnastics took a hit. Her pulm fully supports DD doing gym as much as she is able to, as it helps her lung function...
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    WAG what does final roster mean?

    She has her bwo alone, just not connected to the bhs. She also has her handstand, cartwheel, tic toc and front walk over. Has bwobwo connected. Not sure hwy they are pushing the bwobhs. Last year in gold she did bhs and bwo. You can look it up if you know their usag number. Both my girls got...
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    WAG what does final roster mean?

    She is xcel, either gold or platinum. Her routines will be the same whether she moves up or not. Actually, I think she will change bwobhs on beam to just bhs if she stays gold, but other than that, it is little things like cast height, so she is just working on the platinum stuff.
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    WAG what does final roster mean?

    Thank you. DD's coaches have told her that they have not decided her level, but it did change on the usag site. Hoping that means they are just not telling her, if the levels were on the final roster.
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    WAG what does final roster mean?

    When a meet says a final roster is due, what does that mean? Just the names, or names and levels? Our first meet had a final roster due last week. Scratch date is in 2 weeks. It says nothing about level changes on the flyer.
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    For Parents Rant Social Group

    please add me. :)
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    WAG xcel platinum floor

    Thank you. I think she meets all requirements. For tumbling she is doing a robhsblo and a fhsft, regardless of gold pr platinim. She has the full turn. Her dance pass is fine, just needs to increase the split. I need to check on the other parts, but I am glad that she won't need new music if...