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  1. misswalshy

    WAG Level 7/8 floor music.

    I heard it about 8 million times at Xcel states this year. It got to the point where the girls were like "ugh, again?!" Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Maybe it's different in your area...
  2. misswalshy

    For Coaches Feeding into team

    We have a couple of ways to go about it. Our rec program starts with mommy and me classes and goes all the way up to 3rd grade + classes. The vast majority of our team kids are picked out of regular preschool/occasionally school age classes and funneled into our "hot shots" class, which is...
  3. misswalshy

    WAG Playing it safe or standing out?

    Stand out! Think of how many routines a judge is going to sit there and watch in one session, let alone a whole weekend. It's human nature that they all start to blend together in a sense... it's always nice to get that breath of fresh air, so to say.
  4. misswalshy

    WAG Xcel Hours

    This past year, our bronzes, silvers and golds all worked out together, 9 hours a week. This upcoming year is going to be a little different - we have a small army of bronzes coming in from our preteam (we only had two last year!), and the majority of them will only be doing two days instead of...
  5. misswalshy

    WAG ISO: Funny Gymnastics Memes/Cartoons

    Oh gosh, I have so many of these. Lol! And while this one isn't gymnastics specific, I'm sure it's appropriate for most. Hahaha!
  6. misswalshy

    WAG Is it possible to get a BHS without a back limber?

    Oh gosh yes! With as many back problems as I had, I never did back limbers. They were way too painful. Handsprings weren't an issue. Keep the faith!
  7. misswalshy

    Kayleigh's Triumphant Chalk Bucket Return

    Hi friends! Long time no talk. You may (or may not. probably not.) remember me from my tenure on this lovely forum four or so years ago. Username Kayleigh, slightly obnoxious teenager. Well... the years have passed, I no longer have access to that old account, and I'm back - not just here but...