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  1. flippin out

    WAG Suni's Last Season At Auburn

    no surprise there. Once i saw that video interview she did on campus with the student podcast thing it was a given. It was pretty clear then that she had no interest in education and Auburn was a platform until she was ready to move on for 2024.
  2. flippin out

    Anon Safe Sport

    We were contacted a few years ago as witnesses in a SS case. We were told that while it’s nice to give evidence anonymously, unless you are willing to go on record SS can not use your testimony as anything other than background information. So basically your eye witness account is worthless...
  3. flippin out

    WAG Featured Woodward Cancels Gymnastics

    I do have to wonder if the new sexual assault allegations involving coach at Woodward is more to blame for this decision (article on allegations)
  4. flippin out

    For Parents Update - possible change but long commute - input appreciated!

    I'd have loved a 40 min on a good day commute.....I was stuck with a 75 min on a good day commute. I stayed close the gym (parks and pools during the good weather, coffee shops during bad weather). I didn't want to take the chance that something traffic wise would happen to prevent me from...
  5. flippin out

    For Parents Pre team financials and decision for 5 year old

    exactly! When my dd started team it was very reasonable! And I looked at the cost/hour ratio and thought it was a steal. The gym didn't have a lot of hidden costs and meets were all local so not a ton on travel. Sounded great! Then, your kid keeps advancing, and she outgrows the gym you had...
  6. flippin out

    WAG Tom Forster "Statement"

    Geesh. Not like I’m his biggest fan, but good lord, he really is in a no win situation! Seems no matter what he says or does it will not make them (internet) happy. He’s not perfect, but he’s doing what he can in a tough job. He’s made mistakes for sure, but a lot have been blown out of...
  7. flippin out

    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    So question….if one is uncomfortable wearing Leo and wants a unitard does everyone on the team have to wear the unitard? In past, all team members must wear same “uniform”. Track relay teams (even at the hs level we’re like this). If someone wants to wear a unitard that’s fine….but does that...
  8. flippin out

    WAG GOLDEN: The Journey of USA's Elite Gymnasts

    I don't know about anyone else's comments about not letting current gymnasts watch the series....but My comment is specific to episode 2 only. And it is simply because of the footage of horrific falls. Not that I don't get why they aired them (to show just how dangerous this sport is).... I...
  9. flippin out

    WAG GOLDEN: The Journey of USA's Elite Gymnasts

    I was just going to say that I would not let any current gymnast watch episode 2. There is some very scary footage of several accidents. I get what they were going for —that this sport is super dangerous and highly athletic (not just pretty girls in leotards) …but I know a lot of gymnasts that...
  10. flippin out

    For Parents Switching from USAIGC to NGA

    Watching…..I am curious how the new organization did its inaugural year. Whether those that switched to this new org were happy with how it went or regretted the switch
  11. flippin out

    For Parents 2 month gym closure and going back...

    @HighHopes those are all great ideas for anyone who is about to begin an extended break…..but I read the OP as saying that her dd was heading back to gym on Tuesday (not beginning a break), and that during her time off she didn’t really do any conditioning of any regularity.
  12. flippin out

    For Parents 2 month gym closure and going back...

    I’d ease in. While muscle memory is great and skills really aren’t lost, I’d be concerned about injuries if she hasn’t been conditioning at all and goes full out right away. First weeks back should be concentrating on getting back in shape (conditioning, drills and basics)
  13. flippin out

    For Parents Ode to compulsory music

    I always thought the same thing! Baffling for sure
  14. flippin out

    For Parents Ode to compulsory music

    I actually liked this one.....but maybe that's cause my kid could perform the hell out of it lol
  15. flippin out

    For Parents Ode to compulsory music

    I always called this one the "Burlesque feather boa" routine
  16. flippin out

    For Parents Ode to compulsory music

    -- The "I'm Great!" music.....because that's what I hear in my head for that ending pose
  17. flippin out

    WAG 2021 US Classic Discussion

    Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that? Know if she’ll be out long?
  18. flippin out

    WAG 2021 US Classic Discussion

    Anyone know why lippeat wasn’t attending/competing at all? Whatever happened to her?
  19. flippin out

    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    Don’t get me wrong, I 100% support them wearing whatever they wish. My next comment has nothing to do with the German girls or their stance (if they feel more comfortable wearing long suits and feel strongly in their belief, I’m super happy that they have the option!) ....What I find ironic is...
  20. flippin out

    WAG auburn pulled out doesn't say if the positive cases are staff or athletes... or others close to team