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    Front Front help??

    Hellllo, I am wondering what people have to say for tips on front handspring front tucks.. I am working on getting mine and so are a lot of people on my team.. I, personally need help turning it over faster.. does that mean kicking harder when you're upside down? I try to do that but still don't...
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    Training at two gyms? Right or wrong?

    okay thanks! I guess I'll just stick with gym A.
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    Training at two gyms? Right or wrong?

    I can't practice more at gym A because at my level/group of levels (Prep Op/Xcel) I already practice the "maximum" amount.. 3 days per week 2.5 hrs each. which isn't enough for me. My coach is only at the gym that many times a week.. It's not possible. :/
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    SLEEP School Gymnastics ---sometimes i mix these up.. i know i shouldn't ;) Friends
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    Any regrets (copied from parents forum)

    I 100% regret not starting earlier, and teaching myself what i did. (taught myself a back handspring on a mattress) and i'm still correcting it. I started when I was 11.. :(
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    Training at two gyms? Right or wrong?

    Hi, I'm considering continuing practice (3 days a week) at my current gym lets call this gym A. And I want to add another day or two to my practices.. at gym B. The thing is, these gyms are in the same city, and are HUGE rivals. They make sure none of their gymnasts compete at any of the same...
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    America Athletes

    wait, how many gymnasts total will there be? (approx.) it sounds like there are only 4, but i think there should be way more! sorry, i've never been to this!
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    weird deductions?

    at my last meet, (little bigger) i got two weird deductions.. aparently i didn't connect my leap/jump on floor and lost a whole point. My coach even got my routine on video, and they were connected! she showed the score people (?) and even the judges. They refused to change the score. This...
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    Reminders from your coach

    1. RUN!!!!!!!! (on vault i apparently don't run..) 2. stay tight!! 3. get your feet together in your roundoff! they're like, T H I S F A R A P A R T! *as she stands with her feet over-exageratingly far apart* i have to add another one.. 4. Stop making that face!! YOU MAKE THAT FACE ON EVERY EVENT
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    Pre Meet Rituals

    I have a lot of pre meet rituals, haha. the night before, i always eat mac and cheese. in the car, i have to listen to music, and inspirational speeches. before vault, (literally, after i salute) i have to wipe my hands on my legs. before floor, i crack my toes. If i don't, i have a horrible...
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    What type of gym bag is better?

    our team has backpacks, and they are the same for each level. so instead of having our names on the bags, there are little clips? and like an ID card. i don't know how to eplain it. but the cards have our names on it. I covered my name and the name of my gym in the picture. here's a link to the...
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    Are 'B' level skills allowed in prep op/excel novice/silver?

    i didn't do my back tuck, because it isn't even a spring floor and i didn't want to risk embarassment in front of 1,500 people.. :eek: i just did round off handspring handspring.. :/ but that's okay. i still don't know if B elements are allowed.. yes? no? sorry.
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    Are 'B' level skills allowed in prep op/excel novice/silver?

    I'm in region 6, mass. right now in MA it's still called prep op. I would really love to compete silver, but I don't think i have the requirements down on beam. :/
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    Are 'B' level skills allowed in prep op/excel novice/silver?

    I was bored so I decided to look through the code of points, and I saw a 'B' level skill. It's a full turn, but you don't put your foot down, and go to a scale. I want it in my floor routine, but I might not be allowed to.. Does anyone know? I'd appreciate it. BQ: What's the worst that...
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    Petitioning onto Level 7?

    my state chair, i jus found out.. is the level 7 coach at my gym! haha. but thank you, that helped me get a start! :) EDIT: do i talk to my State Administrative Committee Chair, or my Level 7/8 Representative?
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    Petitioning onto Level 7?

    So, i competed prep op novice last season (and improved GREATLY) but i want to switch over to JO. i read HERE that if you are at least 14, and a freshman in highschool, then you can petition onto level 7. [read number 6] (i live in the usa, and i will meet those requirements by the end of next...
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    How Do You Wear Your Hair??

    i just put it up in a ponytail, with my bangs braided, and pulled back into the ponytail. i think that makes sense.
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    WAG What combination are you??? (or your dd)

    Well i'm definitely: Power vs. Grace Twister vs. flipper fluency vs. lots of connection Dancer vs. tumbler Mentally tough vs. super smiley i hardly ever smile, except for one part in my floor routine where it's part of the dance. other than that, i'm serious ALL THE WAY. on another hand, i...
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    CB's 3rd Unique Contest! 2012 Edition

    i don't know if this would work, exactly. but i though of this for a level 7 floor pass. i still don't know if i could use it, but whatever :rolleyes:. this is just a weird combo i've never seen anyone do: front handspring front tuck/layout step out front aerial. i think it would look really...
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    Anybody Else Start Late?

    I started late too. When i was 12 I went to this place called: (name of the city) Dance and Gymnastics, thinking I would learn something.. but their gymnastics was just a hardwood floor with some panel mats laid out. of course, I hated that, so I went to open gym EVERY saturday for months. I got...