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    For Coaches In-house move up meet

    Has anyone ever done a move up meet in house where you just bring a judge in to score gymnasts out of level 5? At my old gym we used to for (old) level 6 but i am in a new state now and not sure how to request a judge here. Can you just do it for only your team or do you have to invite other...
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    For Parents Xcel vs JO ( separation)

    The 14 year old route would work great if half my group wasn't 7-9 years old! All of my little ones training level 7 (my xcel gold group) are all 2nd-5th graders. I think I have one that is 11, but the rest of them are under the age of 10. So I have to test them out. :( The girls think its...
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    For Parents Xcel vs JO ( separation)

    I completely agree Jenny! We finish xcel gold state then spend 2-3 weeks teaching the level 4 and 5 routines and bring a judge in for an in-house move up meet in may so they can be ready to compete 7. I wish there was another way! Although 3 weeks seems to keep the novelty of a new routine...
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    For Parents Xcel vs JO ( separation)

    We use xcel instead of compulsories so I don't have the issue of it being separate. Our little ones come up from our developmental (pre) team at 5 and 6 and compete Bronze focusing on basics and simple clean routines. We focus on teaching good solid technique and basics and introduce good...
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    For Coaches Wrist Supports

    So I need advice on competitive athletes wearing wrist supports. I have seen that Cincinnati gymnastics has most of their gymnasts wearing them in all their youtube videos. I have several girls who have started to complain about wrists being sore. Is this a good practice to start having...
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    For Coaches Hot shot grips

    yes from US Glove.
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    For Coaches Hot shot grips

    Has anyone used hot shot grips recently for their smaller gymnasts? I have always used hot shots because of the narrower palm piece. After "retiring" for a few years to have children, I am back in the gym and when my tops and young optionals were ready for grips I asked them to get Hot shots...
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    For Coaches New clarifications for level 6 SR

    Did anyone else notice the latest issue of Technique where it says that level 6 bars now has to be a "clear" circling element from 3 6 or 7? That limits us to the basic clear hip or stalder correct?