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    WAG Continuing JO track after high school

    I have a gymnast who is graduating high school and would like to continue to compete on the JO track. She is a level 9 and going to a local college with no gymnastics team. Does anyone know the rules on this? We have only done adult AAU before.
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    OT Filling a gymnastics pit

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    Where do you keep your chalk?

    at the gym we supply the chalk but when we are at meets they sometimes are low or stingy and there is no chalk by the beam. We bought a chalk ball. I think ten-o sells them. It is chalk that is put in a cheese cloth like stocking and it works well at keeping the mess down Sent from my 754TPC...
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    WAG Any lefties struggling with the new routines?

    I so need advice on this. My littlest dd is a hopeless lefty. I have a whole group of them in my beg. team session. lv 1,2,and some3s. I am a hopeless righty. Learning the floor routines from a lefty pov is so hard .I feel for the lefties of the this world. All of the video demos we got were of...
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    WAG Scoring better in optionals than compulsories?

    my oldest dd is an example of 1 who did better at optionals. She scored well at old 4 but struggled at old 5 and 6 with a new coach who did not know the book. She did not do well at 1st yrlv7 because her gym fell apart. 2nd yr at 7 she struggled with growth issues and new coach, but she did...
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    WAG Was this judge unethical?

    oh, the DRAMA! They have a show called Dance Moms, but I think Gym Moms would be way juicier!
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    For Coaches hollowing the front handspring or front bounder

    thanks gymdog. that is a great drill. yes, she can connect the flysprings. the hollow issue seems to happen when she does the front layount first. i will try this setup.
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    For Coaches hollowing the front handspring or front bounder

    I have a gymnnast who keeps having the hollow body position out of the front layout. This will make it hard to connect it to anything in the future. I have tried to get her to correct to an arch but she is still hollowing out. Are there any drills anyone can suggest?
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    For Coaches Try outs

    hanks mustang99. We are a parks and rec program too. Just to add a little vinegar to the oil, blairbob, what other sport does the tap on the back method? In my opinion, this is a problem with the sport of gymnastics. If we want more participation, we must have more openess. After all if we are...
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    WAG does she need tiger paws?

    My dd is learning the Yurchenko vault and her coach says she needs to get the tiger paws. She really has never had any braces or wraps before so I am wondering why he is requiring them. Does anyone else use them? What is the reason he would require them?
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    WAG Was this judge unethical?

    the question now comes in if she judges that gym. It is frowned upon to judge a gym if you are associated with it. ie, coach at that gym, have a kid at that gym, or post facebook pics with the owners at the gym. You should not resign as a judge. You did nothing wrong. Did you know the owner...
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    For Coaches Try outs

    So I have decided to have tryouts for team. Mostly for compulsories. Due to some parents deciding to take off for the summer and other parents worried about the level changes, I have decided that we will be open to all decisions about team placement. I want to have a team tryout day similar to a...
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    For Parents How do you guys know what level your DD will compete in the Fall?

    With the kids I coach, we have long talks and set goals. We discuss score outs and requirements. The ideal goals must be met by October for optionals. Comps. must have it by mid Aug. Opts compete Nov-march, comps compete sept-jan.
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    WAG New level 6 bars questions.

    so what As would you suggest? A sole circle?
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    WAG New level 6 bars questions.

    giants and casts to a handstand are not required. lv 6 req.for bars-(5As,1B)-1cast-min.of horizontal,1bar change,1elem. from grp 3,6,or7.dismount A So a typical routine would be kip(a) cast to above horizontal(a) clear hip(b) jump to highbar longhang kip(a) cast to above horizontal(a) tuck or...
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    For Coaches Level 8 and 9

    beam lv 9- 3As, 4Bs, 1C-acro series:2flight- bhs+bhs,ro+bhs,fhs+bhs,could do ro+ro but hard to connect. 1leap/jump 180 split-could be anything. 360 turn dismout B-front layout,twist, double...
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    For Parents Coaches kids

    no the 2 1/2 yr old was walking down the high beam without a spot. She jumped off the beam and walked into a pit. I kid you not. Yeah, I was mad. She was not hurt.
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    For Parents Coaches kids

    I have been on both ends of this situation. When my youngest dd was 2 1/2 and I had taken a break from coaching. We were at a gym that was having management issues. The coach took my dd and stuck her on high beam them lost track of her and was not watching her. She was instead watching her...
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    For Parents Is 4 years of compulsaries too much?

    at least where I am at giants will separate new level 6 from new level 7. Does your gym compete new level 6?