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    WAG USAG suspension for sexual misconduct

    You could likely Google it, based in the information in this thread. It was in the news. He was on the suspended list for a little while, then he was removed. I am guessing that safesport and USA Gymnastics did not find reason to keep him in the list after investigating the allegations.
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    WAG USAG suspension for sexual misconduct

    He has been removed for at least a month. :)
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    WAG USAG suspension for sexual misconduct

    He is no longer suspended. Just an FYI...
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    For Parents Tumble track vs spring floor

    The timing is totally different, due to the slower "bounce" of the tumble track.
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    WAG Backward Tumbling Required?

    There is a composition deduction if there is no backward salto. It's minor, but it's there. This fulfills the backward requirement, but doesn't really add anything in the way of Start value to the routine. Both of the skills are valued as "A"s (which are the easiest in the code).
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    WAG Backward Tumbling Required?

    This girl was the Senior division champion at Nastia Cup this year...
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    WAG Backward Tumbling Required?

    As others have said, a back layout is a requirement in level 7. Beyond that, it is possible to get by without going backward much, or at all. There are successful level 10s (meaning qualifying to Nationals, performing well and getting scholarship offers) that do not do much backward at all.
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    WAG Superb JO Gyms

    You have piqued my curiosity...
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    WAG Is Kerry Perry Doing A Good Job Running USA Gymnastics?

    Is anyone else alarmed at the rumors of USA Gymnastics filing Chapter 11 just as all of the coaches, athletes, and clubs need to fork over a ton of money in membership renewals?
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    WAG Anyone following what is happening with USAG?!?! (Rhonda Faehn asked to resign)

    I think that a lot of people here are forgetting that the waters were also muddied in the very beginning by the fact that he was trying to pass this off as a legitimate medical procedure. I don't know what Rhonda knew about any of these girls or their respective injuries, but do not forget...
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    WAG More lost sponsors for USAG

    I think that is the T&T, Rhythmic and Acro championships.
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    WAG How many 8-Inchers can you use on beam?

    Usually the equipment rental companies only bring a 4" and an 8". We typically put the 4" under the beam if the kid needs a mat underneath and then the 8" at one end. If the kid doesn't need a mat under, I put the 4" on one end and the 8" on the other.
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    WAG Kathy Klages coaching at Twistars!

    I made a post and then second guessed it. :) Ignore this.
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    WAG Compulsory Routines Practice 2017-2018

    We start teaching pieces as soon as we get kids moved up (January/February). At this point, we are getting close to complete routines for a late August start to our meet season. Most kids know the routines at this point. Just may need some work on some of the skills. Season concludes in...
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    For Parents ROBHS in level 3 floor routine

    I have been told by a judge that the deduction for a spot is .5, however they can also take "up to the value of the skill" if the judge feels the coach facilitated the skill. I am pretty sure that they are considering it an "incomplete element" if they feel as though the athlete would not have...
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    For Parents Compulsories and right vs. left

    It is not. Basically, all of the dance (jumps, turns, splits) must be on the same side. The Acro elements (Handstand to bridge, handstand forward roll, round off) are the only ones that may be reversed. If you have a kid that does a leap on their right and a cartwheel on their left, you would...
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    For Parents Compulsories and right vs. left

    This is actually quite normal.
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    For Parents Newbie! What have I done?!

    Why is she still taking the rec class and the private lesson elsewhere? As a coach, those things would annoy me more than the fact that you asked about having her evaluated for preteam. Did they tell you to leave her in her rec class? Do they know about the private lesson at an outside facility?
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    For Parents Registration for regionals

    It is doubtful that the awards mix up has anything to do with it. It was rectified prior to the end of the weekend, right? Yes, when a kid leaves a club, the club usually emails the meet director to scratch the athlete from any remaining meets. If she was paid, and scratched without a...
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    For Parents Registration for regionals

    In the defense of Gym A, when a kid quits our program, we email the meet director(s) for any remaining meets and scratch that athlete. Sometimes, it is far enough in advance to receive a refund, which is then given back to the parents. Many times, the refund deadline for scratches has passed...