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  1. J

    For Coaches Ordering New Competition Leotards

    Our team leos are dreamlight and they're okay. No issues with them but the stitching is off in a lot of places. We used to do consignment through them as we really liked their leos. We stopped because order after order we would receive different sizes and styles from what we ordered. It's hard...
  2. J

    For Coaches Do I have to have a Booster Club?

    Our booster club is a registered business 501c3, they file a tax return each year etc.. They donate back to the gym for team equipment. Been doing it this way for over a decade. (we have team equipment separate from rec). They are not allowed to donate money directly to a child, unless a...
  3. J

    For Coaches Do I have to have a Booster Club?

    I'm pretty sure you can't legally have the booster club buy mats/equipment for a for profit business. All the money has to be distributed back to the children according to the bylaws.
  4. J

    For Coaches Cal Elite Kids Summit

    Any owners or coaches attend this Summit? Any thoughts We've done the Metzger Boot Camp and loved it. I've done one regional congress and found the business seminars lacking. Hopefully the seminars at national congress will be...
  5. J

    For Coaches How do you turn kids away from team?

    We have a small team of about 16 kids. We're starting to get a lot of interest and will have to turn people down. How do you tactfully turn kids down or away from team? We try to be transparent as possible but that doesn't seem to come off right and hurts feelings. We select our kids based on...
  6. J

    For Coaches How much maternity leave?

    I think this post has been blown out of proportion. The original poster never said her boss questioned her commitment so it shouldn't be shame on the owner. When she comes back she'll still have a job just maybe not with her preferred group, but still coaching team. There is still a small...
  7. J

    For Coaches It's THAT time again. Summer.

    That doesn't make any sense. No AC in the morning and lights don't cost that much.
  8. J

    For Parents What do you think of this fundraising?

    That sounds neat. How has it been working? Better than a standard Dyson?
  9. J

    For Parents What do you think of this fundraising?

    A gym is just like any other business. If you're not charging or attracting enough customers to pay for regular business expenses(i.e. equipment, payroll, rent) then you're not running a sustainable business. The only fundraising that should be happening is through a non-profit booster to help...
  10. J

    For Coaches Rec vs Team pricing. owners/coaches please respond

    Thanks for the insight. I think given our numbers and our overhead I feel comfortable with 7.25.. thanks!
  11. J

    For Coaches Rec vs Team pricing. owners/coaches please respond

    Hello, I'm looking for some external data on pricing our team. I have my own calculations based on payroll and overhead per gymnast per hour but I like comparisons. For those gyms with team training 9 hours per week please weigh in. What is your price per hour for a one hour rec kid and what is...
  12. J

    For Coaches Testing in Recreational gymnastics..

    You should just ask them. I'm sure they will tell you. :-) Maybe your gym is trying to start splitting classes by skill level. We have two levels in our recreational classes now and we're working on adding a third. We'll be using report cards and evaluating kids to start separating the skill...
  13. J

    For Coaches what do you charge for private lessons?

    We charge $50 for an hour and $30 for a half. Coaches get paid $25 an hour for them. My thought is we provide the facility,equipment, the lighting heating/cooling. We also pay the credit card transaction fees as well as the payroll taxes/insurance. There are a lot of costs associated with...
  14. J

    For Coaches Is it possible to make a living coaching?

    You bet. It just depends on where you live and the demographics. We charge almost $18 for an hour of gymnastics. We have one full time person who is only 22 making a salary of $17 an hour and we pay for her healthcare. Coaching is profession and great people are hard to find.
  15. J

    For Coaches Used Equipment?

    I don't think there is such a thing as ''gently used'' equipment in this industry. You may find gently used home mats/equipment but that's about it. Mats are expensive and most gyms will use them well past the point of being duct taped(We won't/don't but we're not like most gyms) You're best bet...
  16. J

    For Coaches Resilite Gift Program

    Great! I just ordered a bunch of brochures from them. I talked to a bunch of rec parents that were interested too. We'll see how it goes. :-)
  17. J

    For Coaches Resilite Gift Program

    Has any gym owner/coach used the Resilite holiday gift program? I like the margins for the owners but all our equipment is AAI/TumblTrak. Would hate to sell something that isn't high quality. Any experience with the company would be appreciated.
  18. J

    For Coaches Seeking a Full Time Coach - Saratoga Springs NY

    Cartwheels Gymnastics Center is growing and we need an awesome person to join our team. Being less than a year old our enrollment has surpassed 450 students with full waiting lists. We are seeking a person to come on in a Full Time coaching position that will lead to becoming an Assistant...
  19. J

    Above ground pits

    That's all we want to do at this level. We realize that we will not be training high levels with the limited ceilings. However, we could give recreational kids and low level team an awesome gymnastics experience.
  20. J

    Above ground pits

    That's okay. You're statement just came off as very crass. I know a four or five foot pit is possible. You just have to have coaches that are safety oriented and know who/what can and can't be done into a shallow pit.