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  1. gwenmom

    For Parents 'My core hurts when I kip'

    Together And yes long story on the actual week off
  2. gwenmom

    For Parents 'My core hurts when I kip'

    A week. She just came back from a week off for a sore heel.
  3. gwenmom

    For Parents 'My core hurts when I kip'

    I have and her response was her six pack and put her hand over the general middle area.
  4. gwenmom

    For Parents 'My core hurts when I kip'

    No she isn't new to kipping and she says no more core than normal. She's a repeating level 4
  5. gwenmom

    For Parents 'My core hurts when I kip'

    DD told me this tonight. She is telling me kipping is painful. Any ideas? Not sure if this is form or medical or both.
  6. gwenmom

    WAG Happy to report,

    To me sounds like it should be at a Renaissance Faire
  7. gwenmom

    For Parents How often does your DS or DD watch gymnastics online (Youtube, Gymnastics website, etc.)?

    Rarely. But she's not big on sitting still. She'd rather being doing gym.
  8. gwenmom

    OT Highest AA score?

    37.something lol.
  9. gwenmom

    WAG The 'private': does your gym offer them?

    Yes our gym does them. All you have to do is ask the coach and find a time that works.
  10. gwenmom

    For Parents Bars at home

    I caved and got DD a low beam last year at Christmas. She used it for about two weeks. Now it sits in the living room being tripped over occasionally. Leave it in the gym.
  11. gwenmom

    For Parents Cute points??? Do they exist?

    I think the judges like to see the younger girls having fun. So do I think they give a little more leeway, intentionally or not, to a grinning little girl? Yep. But not much.
  12. gwenmom

    OT Makeup at meets?

    Glitter hairspray is a must. Other than that no. She doesn't even touch nail polish during the season.
  13. gwenmom

    For Parents Clothing for Gymnasts

    Dd lives in yoga pants jeggings and the occasional pair of sweats. Jeans don't fit over her quads.
  14. gwenmom

    For Parents You know your child's a gymnast when...

    Spends more time on her hands than her feet TV is watched through 'windshield wipers' Time spent waiting for older brothers band concert to start is a great opportunity to practice handsprings and try and teach the other siblings cartwheels. Spelling word practice is done with each letter...
  15. gwenmom

    WAG CGM Confession

    We are doing privates right now. DD self confidence on bars was so low that we knew she needed one on one time to break down the skills and show her she could do it. The mental game has been hard for about the last year so we did what we could to help her. Seems to be working in practice. We...
  16. gwenmom

    For Parents What type of gym parent are you?

    Drop and go. Occasionally come early to Friday practice because DD wants me to watch a little
  17. gwenmom

    For Parents Finally had a good bars night

    Bars is a four letter word. For my girlfriend and her kids beam is lol.
  18. gwenmom

    For Parents Do you think we should switch?

    I would agree, based on your info, to a switch. That said have you checked out the gym in person? Or just called? I would check it out before I committed
  19. gwenmom

    For Parents First meet--what do I need to know?

    You will sit there for approximately four hours to watch your kid actually compete for about a total of two minutes lol That said, bring things to do. Be prepared to cheer on all the girls on your DD team. Cash is king. Be prepared to be begged for raffle tickets. Bring a stadium seat if you...