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  1. meeeshymoo

    Sport psychologist

    I'm sold that is truly beautiful x
  2. meeeshymoo

    Sport psychologist

    Lol yes UK but Virginia sounds very nice
  3. meeeshymoo

    Sport psychologist

    Can anyone recommend a good sports psychologist in the South ? Preferably with gymnastics experience ? Need some help with mental blocks xx
  4. meeeshymoo

    Other Women's Gymnastics Teams for Olympics?

    GB Becky Downie Ellie Downie Claudia Fragapane Amy Tinker Ruby Harrold :)
  5. meeeshymoo

    Rio 2016

    I would go for same
  6. meeeshymoo


    Thank you so much yes it was handspring front some
  7. meeeshymoo


    I wonder if you lovely people can help me..... Does anyone know the value of handspring front vault ? And, does this count as different vault from a tsuk vault ? I can't work out front and rear entry's been a very long week Thank you
  8. meeeshymoo

    For Parents Reassure me about gym switching!

    It is tough, having recently been through it the sleepless nights and agonising are still very fresh. My experience my dd had been at the same gym since the age of 6. A couple of years ago I became increasingly unhappy with the gym, mainly lack of coaches, ridiculous pressure before comps...
  9. meeeshymoo


    Great job by the teams this week :) was surprised at the squad selection, but they did the job, fab results
  10. meeeshymoo

    Anyone "watching" the English?

    Did watch a bit on the live feed, eyes are too bad too make out anyone !!:rolleyes: Cant get into gymdata now either ! I agree Faith, well done to Chiara. Looking forward to seniors
  11. meeeshymoo

    Rushmoor Rosebowl

    Great comp, lots of great routines, and the very lovely Claudia came to have autographs and photos. Also did her floor routine, watered down as poor girl was ill.
  12. meeeshymoo

    Rushmoor Rosebowl

    England A, England B, GB juniors, team from Switzerland. Going to be really good this year :):)
  13. meeeshymoo

    Team uniforms

    Any pics of the greek girls leos ? Heard them described as interesting !!!
  14. meeeshymoo

    Alpha Factor Open

    Our first time at Alpha Factor looking forward to it :)
  15. meeeshymoo

    Gold !! Silver !! Bronze !!

    Amazing they did so great :)
  16. meeeshymoo

    Ok, this does look fun, but...

    DD went at weekend, had a fab time. Gymnasts are fine, however I did not like the mixed ages. Frrom very young to adults all in same session. My youngest will not be going, unless maybe on inset day when quieter. Looked fun though
  17. meeeshymoo

    Lets get ready to Tumble !

    Think its going to be cringy ! Be interesting to see what the skills will be And also how much improvement in a week assuming its a weekly show. Will no doubt be tuning in though...
  18. meeeshymoo

    Ok, this does look fun, but...

    10 mins away and dd & squad all arranging a trip. I thought it sounded fun until I read that waiver !!
  19. meeeshymoo

    Alpha factor uk

    DO they no longer ship to UK, they used to.
  20. meeeshymoo

    Anyone at gymstars (Wiltshire open) this weekend?

    Will be there :) looks to be a busy one x