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    Equipment repair question Please help

    Hi Everyone,, So we are working on starting our gym and someone posted here they had equipment for sell. He said it was only a few years old. So I bought it He Lied it is 10 years old and the beam he said was 16 ft it is only 12 ft well it has 2 mayjor rips and I need to find a way to get the...
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    equipment and team question

    we have decided to open a gym. I have found 2 coaches. I think I found the building. We are now trying to write our busisness plan. Does anyone have a good product list of what we need to get going I have a pretty good idea of the main stuff I am just not sure about what differant types of matts...
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    Help selling gymnastics equipment

    WOW ! my husband and I are opening a new gym I would love to see pictures and talk you about buying them please send me an email
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    anyone have any good idea's for fininding a partner in opening a gym..

    Oh Ok Thank you for that info. We have been thinking we were not going to have a partner. we will own it and hire differant coaches so now we are looking for a head coach, we have apreschool coach already, DO you know a good place to advertise for coaches? We are also looking for equipment.
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    Not so friendly gym owners and coaches

    What is up with gym owners and coaches? Why can't they say Hi when you come in the door or good bye when you leave. why aren't they friendly. I spend a ton of money at the gym I would like some kind a graditude. No they are not busy just sitting at the front desk..ugg! :confused::confused:
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    Thinking about opening a gym

    yes I have six kids. with a wide age range 22-5 I don't want to reach saint hood. I was a gymnist my whole childhood and now feel that my kids are getting older we could open a gym..
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    anyone have any good idea's for fininding a partner in opening a gym..

    My husband and I have be looking into the idea of opening a gym. we think we want to share it with someone like a head coach or something along that line. does anyone have ideas what works and what does not work.. Thank you for your help
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    Thinking about opening a gym

    Thank you for the info.. I will look into the bootcamp.
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    Thinking about opening a gym

    We are thinking about opening a gym. Just not sure if my area can support another gym. How do we know if it is a good decision. Then the other choice would be to find a club for sale and move..