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  1. NewtoGym

    WAG Are NCAA women gymnasts getting taller?

    About height holding a gymnast back... I agree. It's coaches with this attitude that holds gymnasts back. Coaches who know how to coach all body types to maximize the gymnast's potential is what makes successful gymnasts.
  2. NewtoGym

    WAG Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    USAG needs to change how they do camp. It is unacceptable for any of these girls/women to be sent without parents to the middle of nowhere. Our children do not need to be put at this unneeded risk. I know Nassar is no longer there but it is just a horrible situation.
  3. NewtoGym

    For Parents Would you tell your DD if you thought the doctor was about to retire her from gym?

    Was she not in the room with the dr for the results/discussions? I would def want my daughter to hear the news from the dr and not me. That way it is just facts without emotions involved.
  4. NewtoGym

    WAG USAG TOPs 2000 note to gymnasts

    Tell that to his victims.
  5. NewtoGym

    Yay! There was no "drama"

    It's hard to make a rivalry out of two gymnasts when they are holding hands and hugging all the time! Aly and Simone were not going to let the media alter their story :-)
  6. NewtoGym

    Women's Team Finals

    There is nothing more impressive than her attitude and work ethic. She has stepped up and improved so much and has provided amazing guidance to the her teammates.
  7. NewtoGym

    Women's Team Finals

    My point exactly. It should be about the gymnastics. She did her job. Congrats to them.
  8. NewtoGym

    Marta Karolyi is a code-***** Awesome article on why the US is so dominant. Talks about how Marta has maximized routines and why so many gymnast do our favorite wolf turn.
  9. NewtoGym

    Women's Team Finals

    Jordyn Weiber also seemed to struggle socially with the spotlight, but I don't remember her getting so much hate. I guess being an AA gold medal winner and contributing to an 8 point victory for team gold isn't enough for some peeps. In the words of the wise Taylor Swift- Haters gonna hate.
  10. NewtoGym

    Completely superficial:

    I think I like the messy buns since in my opinion it makes them look bad *ss. They look strong and athletic and not like sweet, little girls. Not that there is anything wrong with that...;)
  11. NewtoGym

    Completely superficial:

    I always liked the messy bun (ala Maroney). Do not care for the prissy bows. To each their own ;-)
  12. NewtoGym

    So sad for Canada

    So disappointing. :-(
  13. NewtoGym

    Laurie Goes Pro

    Shilese Jones just committed to Florida. Wonder if she got Laurie's spot?
  14. NewtoGym

    For Parents Mixed messages taking a toll

    Um, you and DW are the adults so you should discuss and get on the same page to help your dd. Don't put her through this.
  15. NewtoGym

    No Amanar for Gabby

    If that were true, then it would be fair and Gabby would probably not make the team. But she will, so it is not fair.
  16. NewtoGym

    For Parents The Flip Side by Shawn Johnson

    I grew up reading a book called "The Rascals from Haskells Gym" which was a great book, until the one page where the overweight gymnast was advised to throw up her ice cream so she didn't get fat...It's tough to find good gymnastic-related books!
  17. NewtoGym

    For Parents DD only one not allowed to do certain skills

    It could be one of three things: 1. the coach is a jerk and does not like your daughter. 2. Your daughter is not ready for the skills the coach is having the other girls do and does not want your daughter to do them until she is ready for safety concerns. 3. Your daughter is telling you a...
  18. NewtoGym

    For Parents Reassure me about gym switching!

    I hope it works out for you guys. Everyone says it will and we were told the same. However, I don't know if it has been the best move for us. My daughter is happy enough and likes her new gym (it has been 2 years now) but I don't know if it was the best move. She hasn't grown gymnastically as...
  19. NewtoGym

    Laurie Hernandez article in NY Times

    Thanks for sharing. She is my favorite! And I must say that her and her coach are really great people. My daughter sent Laurie a fan letter 3 years ago and they both reached out to her and wrote her back with pictures of her and a new girl we didn't know yet - Jazmyn Foberg. Pretty cool :-)
  20. NewtoGym

    WAG Gabby Douglas Reality TV Show?

    And the awkward hugs between Gabby and her coaches! Very scripted and again, awkward.