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  1. ellzgym

    OT new! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ellen singing Count ON Me by Bruno Mars - YouTube hey people :P here is my new youtube video! please watch and share around! i'd love to hear what you think! :) xx
  2. ellzgym

    gymnast :)

    hello everyone, i'm a gymnast! and i posted this video on youtube that i thought you might all like to see! heres the link: YouTube - Ellen singing Heal The World by Michael Jackson i hope that you can watch and enjoy it! xx
  3. ellzgym

    Gymnastic Rips...Would you do this ?

    Ewww, when i rip, I wash my hands with soap and warm water, tape it up and then grip up again. I used to stop doing bars when I ripped but then I came to an understanding that if my hands didn't go through pain a little bit during bars I wouldn't ever be able to handle ripping properly. So the...
  4. ellzgym

    Let's create a gymnastics story...

    "Why did you just look like that? HUH? This is meant to be exciting!". He walks over to the other coaches and whispers something later to them. Later on she find that they were talking about...
  5. ellzgym

    What does DD, DS and DG mean?

    Oh okay then, thanks! LOL I loved it how you said YWC means you were close! =]
  6. ellzgym

    What does DD, DS and DG mean?

    I've seen it in basically every thread, the only thing I can come up with is: DD - determined daughter DS - determined son DG - determined gymnast Thanks! Is that what it means?
  7. ellzgym

    How far away is youre gym from you?

    My gym is 30-40 mins away, I used to train at a club about 3 mins down thed road but I hated it there, my coach was nasty and everyone else ignored me so I moved and now I love it where I am training!
  8. ellzgym

    Round off back handspring!!

    Thanks for the replies and yes I hope that it does help that girl that broke her elbow! Thanks henrik, I just have to get my routines perfect and then I'll be able to!! =]
  9. ellzgym

    Round off back handspring!!

    Hey, I was at gymnastics yesterday and I can do a round off back handspring again! Because I broke my arm doing a standing back handspring about 4 months ago and I couldn't do it or anything else for another 3 months and I just got back into gymnastics about a month ago and I have all of my...
  10. ellzgym

    Competition video

    hey i saw the vid and i commented to the video... my youtube account is called retromadnez7080 just so that you know! =] anyway really good job congrats on 3rd AA!
  11. ellzgym

    What Level are You??

    i'm a level 5, but i could be a level 6 but then maybe not cos i broke my elbow lol. =]
  12. ellzgym

    Surgery tomorrow

    Good luck, hope the surgery went alright. I had to get surgery too on my arm because I broke my elbow. Yeah anyway best wishes for you!! =]
  13. ellzgym

    Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

    Lol this is really funny!! The most annoying thing that happens to me is with people who know I do gymnastics they are all like: "Show be a backflip". And I'll say, no. and they'll say why you did it the other day?? and I'll say, "What you mean that bridge??" Sooo funny!! Oh and btw the thing...
  14. ellzgym

    Does anybody live around Greenville, SC???

    No sorry I'm from Victoria, Australia... =]
  15. ellzgym


    Worst: Would have to be a three way tye between, chin ups, leg lifts and no leg rope climbs. I can't do any of them without cheating. I have natural weak arms, not so strong stomach. Favourite: Arch ups on the pommels. they are really easy. =] but naturally I'm a really weak person!! I'm more...
  16. ellzgym

    Bruises on Hip Bones from Back Hip Circle?

    Don't worry that's perfectly normal. I get bruises on my hips all the time from doing backhip circles and casting. Its nothing to be worried about!! =]
  17. ellzgym


    I can do splits all three ways: right, left and side and I can also do oversplits plus chinese splits. =]
  18. ellzgym

    Our first injury ~ Rylee broke her elbow :(

    Omg, I did the exact same thing to my elbow!! I broke my left elbow, I was doing a standing backhandspring on grass at an airport and I hyperextended my elbow and my mum who was watching my brother fly and me both heard this loud "CRACK" like it went for 2 secs! My arm swelled to like 3 times...
  19. ellzgym

    Backhand spring :d

    yeah same, i have really flexible elbows that hyperextend, and i did a standing bhs on grass and i broke my elbow.
  20. ellzgym

    Back handspring on beam! (brag)

    Congrats!! Good for you, keep training hard and being awesome! =]