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  1. J&A's mom

    MAG Akash Modi hurt?

    They left his best replacement in Wisconsin.
  2. J&A's mom

    MAG A site like Chalkwarrior for men's gymnastics?

    Wonder if we could look it up in our region and report the number. Although,the results may be for both 17 and 18 year olds.... Region 4 had 25 17 year olds and 19 18-19 year olds.
  3. J&A's mom

    MAG Anyone going to the Championships in Boston?

    Whether day one or day two is better, I would say a toss up, but two because of the results aspect. Sam or Yul? I think Yul because he is the master of consistency. I went to the competition so very long ago, it was before my level 9 gymnast was even born! :)
  4. J&A's mom

    MAG 13, level 5 -- JD?

    I have been reminded many times that it may seem easier, but they must swing up and not muscle themselves up. And it may work ok in regular meets to muscle yourself up, but at big meets the judges are really sticklers for it.
  5. J&A's mom

    MAG The "scoop" on Level 7?

    A huge difference is pommel horse. You do your routine on the actual horse.
  6. J&A's mom

    MAG Catching up on strength?

    yes. My son was the strongest on his team; in levels 4 and 5 this was pretty obvious. Then when other things became more important he has become more of an overage gymnast. Trust the coach and his ranks will get higher. From your description, I think about a certain boy in our region that in...
  7. J&A's mom

    MAG Regional Weekend #1

    Level 9 13 year old.
  8. J&A's mom

    MAG Regional Weekend #1

    My son made Nationals! Now, to figure out how to ask my principal for a week off in May. :rolleyes:
  9. J&A's mom

    MAG Thoughts on Divisions 1/2

    I didn't read every post, so I am sorry if I am repeating something that has been discussed. What if a gymnast....clear throat-mine.....that is only missing one element on one event and in all others he is medal worthy? Would the all or none coaches put him in JD? He is doing great all all...
  10. J&A's mom

    MAG Difficulty vs Execution

    Well, my son always goes with execution as he is an extreme perfectionist. He never wants to compete a skill unless he does it well every day in practice. While most boys will shimmy their weight a little on a giant, for instance, my son will come down(in practice, and actually, in competition...
  11. J&A's mom

    MAG OTC Question

    Well, there is more to Marvin leaving OTC than that. Like a lot of gymnastics at that level there is a lot of politics. Lets just say he didn't fit the mold. Also, he is not really at his home gym. He is where his home gym''s coaches moved.
  12. J&A's mom

    MAG Level 7 gymnast

    Level 8 is different now than in the past. It is more of a combination of the requirements of Level 7 with how Level 9 was in the past. I heard that the reason was because so many kids were skipping Level 7 and they wanted to prevent that a bit by making Level 8 a little harder than Level 7...
  13. J&A's mom

    MAG Meet Related Question

    Hi, We have a gymnast who will be 20 on May 31, 2018. He cannot compete USAG anymore, but won't be going to a 4 year college until the 2018-19 school year(hopefully). He has graduated from high school. What meets can he compete, i.e.....what meets have an "elite" or "open" division...
  14. J&A's mom

    MAG Ric Swezey

    My son's coach knew him and is pretty shaken up by the accident. They worked together at one point. So sad. Prayers going out to his family.
  15. J&A's mom

    MAG Recruiting for MAG

    sounds like a gymnast!
  16. J&A's mom

    MAG Level 8 numbers

    That's not how it looks here, at least on the state level. More L8s that L9s, and the allotment is higher for the 9s. I don't know how it looked in the past.....
  17. J&A's mom

    MAG Level 8 numbers

    Not in our region! Our 12 year old level 8s are stronger than they have been in a decade.....according to a coach from a different gym. Crazy hard to make it to Nationals here.
  18. J&A's mom

    MAG Competing Down a Level at States?

    We actually had someone at our gym do this. for the reason said above
  19. J&A's mom

    MAG Age requirement changes?

    Two years ago we had a similar repeat L6 or go on to L7. My son was fifth in the region in the all around for his first year of L6. He could do all the skills/bonuses except for two. Still doesn't have one of them....had it, then lost it. Anyway, they worked on L7 stuff even...
  20. J&A's mom

    MAG All State Teams

    We have an all state team. It has changed through the years, but now it's just a shirt and certificate. If it's my state it's the top six of each age group (6"s, 7's and 8's) and then the top two if the older boys. This is for level four.