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  1. KyraGymnast

    Drills for Bar release moves

    Hey guys, So a couple of the girls at our gym and I have been working on Bails, Geingers,and Yaegers (is that spelled right?) on bars. I was wondering if anyone would like to share what drills they do at their gyms to prepare themselves to better learn the skills. I also wanted to know if anyone...
  2. KyraGymnast

    Level 9 Bars

    Could we maybe move the subject of discussion back to the original purpose? I'd love to know if anyone has an helpful tips or drills for bails or geingers.
  3. KyraGymnast

    Level 9 Bars

    I happen to know which gym the OP attends and the coaches are very reputable and qualified. I know for a fact that they frequently attend clinics and trainings that add to their training. In order to try and direct the responses in the direction that the OP intended, I wanted to point out that...
  4. KyraGymnast

    Piked or straddled kip

    I've competed a straddle kip since level 5(: I've never had any problems with it, and I actually feel that the movement is more fluid and tends to give the routine a better rhythm than a piked kip. Congrats making your kip! Good Luck!
  5. KyraGymnast

    Level 9 Bars

    Correction: she said her coach didn't have any suggestions for drills for geingers. My point is that researching skills is not dangerous.
  6. KyraGymnast

    Stubborn teammates.

    Do you guys all train in the same group?
  7. KyraGymnast

    How do you not hate this sport?

    Wow it totally seems like this is a gym/coach problem and NOT a gymnastics problem. Gymnastics is an extremely frustrating sport, and it always will be. The combination of the physical demands and the emotional/mental strength it takes makes it extremely difficult to succeed at a high level in...
  8. KyraGymnast

    Full Twist Question

    Thew ay you're doing it isnt wrong (twisting on the back end of your flip), but you actually risk a higher chance of injury by doing this. By twisting at the end you have a much higher chance of 'twisting into the ground'. This means that beacuse you are twisting later, you may still be...
  9. KyraGymnast

    Signature Change?

    Thank you!!!!!
  10. KyraGymnast

    Advice and input needed

    I am an optional gymnast and our gym has a reasonable amount of optionals combined with our Excels.We have two coaches who coach two events each, and both coach the optionals and the Excels. I know a lot gyms have a coach for each event and/or a head coach who coaches one ofthe events or over...
  11. KyraGymnast

    Blisters, rips and calluses

    I rip about every other week, but it also sounds like I practice bars more often than you do. I normall soak or rinse my hands under cold water right after I rip, and then again after I get home from the gym. At night or on days when I don't have gym I frequently apply Carmex (Medicated lip...
  12. KyraGymnast

    Level 9 Bars

    Again, I think that researching a skill online is never a bad thing and showing your coach that you have an intrest in learning a new skill is not unsafe or dangerous in any way. In no way did B Gymnast suggest that she "had" to search for drills. Showing outside intrest and researching skills...
  13. KyraGymnast

    Signature Change?

    Hey guys, I haven't been on the site in a long time and my signature is way outdated but I can't figure out how to change it. Can someone help me please?(: Thank You! (;
  14. KyraGymnast

    correlation b/t FHS vault success and upper level vaults?

    I myself had problems with the FHS vault when I competed it. I was never an especially strong vaulter, but it did not set me back nor prevent me from moving up into higher optional levels. There are many different options for vaults when you move into the higher optional levels. Many girls at my...
  15. KyraGymnast

    Level 9 Bars

    I think that B Gymnast was looking online for drills that she could suggest or ask her coach about, not necessarily to help her learn the skill at home or without the supervision of a coach.
  16. KyraGymnast

    Level 8 Beam Series?

    I have a teammate who did not compete a bhs in level seven and competed a cartwheel round off in level 8. Now she is training level 9 and working on a bhs bhs or bhs back tuck series. If she does a bhs bhs series she will have to do switch leap switch leap to have a 10 start value. There are...
  17. KyraGymnast

    Too much practice?

    :) I was reading most of the replys and most of them were comment on what they thought about the situation from a third party standpoint (which I admit IS point of asking question on here lol) but none of these people know your child's personality, physical abilities, or schedule besides...
  18. KyraGymnast

    uh oh age

    ok so I'm a level seven but will be moving up to level eight next year(its not an option for me not to) and im a14year old in 9th grade. I WANTED to do college gymnastics, but i read a thread talking about age and was wondering if I'M to old to eventually be a college gymnast. :(
  19. KyraGymnast

    Indy Lvl 7 Meet Results

    thanks everybody!
  20. KyraGymnast

    2011 World's Guessing Game

    Isn't Nastia going to college? i knew Shawn and Alicia were coming back but I though Nastia wasn't