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  1. countrygymnast94

    Cheyenne Wyoming Gymnastics??

    Frontier Gymnastics! (old Wyoming school of gymnastics) it's amazing!
  2. countrygymnast94

    Conditioning help!

    I switched to a new gym last week! Each level has a certain amount of v-ups and push ups they have to do. Level 4 is 40, level 5 is 50, etc. but all optionals have to do 80 or more. At my old gym, we rarely ever conditioned. So I'm unable to the 80 push ups every practice. I can do 40 and then I...
  3. countrygymnast94

    New Gym Tomorrow!

    I am switching to a new gym tomorrow across town. I am really excited but also really nervous. I am going to miss some people at the old gym but I am going to do what is best for me and my gymnastics! :)
  4. countrygymnast94

    Help with coach:(

    The other day, my team and I were stretching and all of the girls were talking I was talking to one of my teammates. A few minutes later my coach called me out in front of everyone and told me to step out of the room. I asked what I did wrong and she said to leave. So I left and was worried what...
  5. countrygymnast94

    Curling Ponytail? Help!

    I have hair that goes to about 2 1/2 inches below my shoulders. It is about 6 or 7 inches when I put it in a ponytail. I wanted to know the best way to curl the ponytail so the curls arent so short and still have some bounce into them. Please help! Meet in four days!
  6. countrygymnast94

    Good Meet Vibes

    It went pretty well! Fell on my bhs on beam but other then that it was great!
  7. countrygymnast94

    What's your floor music/routine?

    I'd Do Anything For Love - Meat Loaf (Full Version - Lyrics in Description) - YouTube Id Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf. Time: 0:15 to 1:40 :)
  8. countrygymnast94

    Good Meet Vibes

    i have an out of state gymnastics meet today! I am really nervous. I am a level 7. I am hoping to connect my bwo bhs series on beam today. there are some really good girls here. Please send some good vibes my way. I am desperate!
  9. countrygymnast94

    Out of town meets!

    What out of town/state meets do you have coming up? I will be heading to Spearfish, SD on the 7th! Also, what do you guys make sure to put in your bag for out of town meets and have to stay over night!?
  10. countrygymnast94

    dealing with pain

    As a gymnast, I never even tell my coaches about something hurting. Sometimes, if i am walking weird back from my vault from my knee, my best friend on the team will ask whats wrong and answer, "nothing." She looks at me with that 'yeah right' look. When she goes to vault, she tells my coach I...
  11. countrygymnast94

    Knee injury question?

    To make long stories short, I have been doing new vaults, half halfs and half fulls. I have not been able to twist enough and end up hurting my knees when landing (if that makes any sense!). Also, i am a huge tumbler, so I do a lot of things that are 8/9 skills. I cant seem to land any back...
  12. countrygymnast94

    Gynmastics or Cheerleading

    I have been in gymnastics for 8 years. I am 17 years old and a level 7. I am a junior in high school right now. I did cheerleading my freshmen year of high school and loved it! I missed being in the gym though so I went back to gymnastics. I am obvisouly not going to be doing gymnastics in...
  13. countrygymnast94

    OT Gymnastics tattoo??

    why bad idea? if i may ask:)
  14. countrygymnast94

    OT Gymnastics tattoo??

    I've been in gymnastics for 11 years. I am only a level eight but will soon be graduating. I also coach.I love gymnastics and it's taught me so much with life and everything else. I wanted to get a tattoo on my back of a gymnast doing a leap and under it say "life is a beautiful struggle." is it...
  15. countrygymnast94

    Qualifying score?

    What is the qualifying score to go to level 8 in Colorado and Wyoming?
  16. countrygymnast94

    Older gymnast?

    I quit gymnastics my freshmen year of hs and I was a level 7/8. I then quit cheerleading due to them pushing me too hard to do tumbling passes I was uncomfortable doing on a hardwood floor. And being a gymnast, I know my limits:) I then got back into the gym in the middle of my sophomore year of...
  17. countrygymnast94

    Too big or okay?

    I know that most gymnasts have body images just because there is a pressure to be a certain way and that is what I am kind of feeling right now. I am 16 (slmost 17), 115lbs and 5'2. I am not fat by all means I know. My thing is that I am just a little wider then some gymnasts. I am about 12/13...
  18. countrygymnast94

    Bars. Holding me back

    I am a level 7 gymnast, but on bars I would say my skill level is still at level 5! I onlt got moved up because I can do all the skills on bars, but my skill level on every other event is 8/9. My problem with bars is that my kip is very inconsistent. I get up 95% of the time but half of the time...
  19. countrygymnast94

    Gym Jelousy???

    So we have two gyms in our town and a few of the other level 7's switched to our gym. I am also a level 7. They started practicing and I can't help but feel jelous when they do things I can't. I mean I have things they dont and like wise. How can I overcome this?
  20. countrygymnast94

    OT why did you pick that name?

    I am a country girl at heart living in wyoming and im a gymnast and the year a was born =]