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  1. profmom

    For Parents Any Advice???

    Time off is a great idea, if her gym will let her come back. Taking a break will provide the clarity -- she can see how much she misses it and then decide what to do.
  2. profmom

    For Parents Happy Mother’s Day

    Hey Ty's Dad -- are you a Duck?!! Moved out of Eugene several years ago but my family still bleeds green and yellow.
  3. profmom

    MAG Skidz??

    Mine too.
  4. profmom

    MAG Skidz??

    My son's Donjoys just arrived today. I will report back.
  5. profmom

    MAG Skidz??

    Yeah, it doesn't look like a perfect solution for sure. But we are into uptraining now and he needs something. His poor Skidz are just about hopeless at this point -- he nursed them through regionals but had a very hard time preparing for the meet.
  6. profmom

    MAG Skidz??

    Oh, also in case anyone else is interested -- my daughter and some of the younger and smaller guys on our team have had success with Pegasus. They aren't a good solution for my (now shockingly large) teenager, but they might work well for guys who aren't as big.
  7. profmom

    MAG Skidz??

    Ah, interesting. My son looked at options and also picked out Donjoy as a solution.
  8. profmom

    MAG Skidz??

    Does anyone know what the heck happened to Skidz wrist guards? My son's been using them happily for years, and then about a month ago I went to order new ones and they seem to be off all the websites. Is anybody using something that works equally well? Asking for a grumpy pommel worker.
  9. profmom

    For Parents College training schedule?

    Many, many elite gymnasts all over the world were forced to take lengthy training breaks starting last March. We should all pause and attend closely to the reality that almost all of them have come back and been just fine. They haven't irretrievably lost skills and fitness. This worldwide...
  10. profmom

    Technique with Taucer: Landings

    It is one thing the men's side gets right, and when an athlete like Kohei illustrates it, it's stunning to watch and yes, artistic! See also this fantastic routine from NCAA nationals -- floor champ Gage Dyer sticks every pass but the first one. Remarkable!
  11. profmom

    For Parents Inconsistent giants?

    Next competitive season will be really fun as you hold your breath when every single athlete does bars. "Makeitover makeitover makeitover!!!" You will also see someone lose, and then regain, a flyaway during the season. Ideally between meets. Have a great time!
  12. profmom

    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    Since you brought it up, GT, can we pause for just a moment and clap for WCC with their "flesh colored" leos that actually match the athletes' skin?
  13. profmom

    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    If judges can manage to see deductions for men's floor and vault, which seems to be the case, there is absolutely no rational reason to bar women from wearing shorts in competition.
  14. profmom

    MAG Does your son tell you anything about practice?

    I get very, very little. But last week I got a video of a double back onto a mat in the pit, which was a surprise. Once they're driving themselves, you can't even count on the occasional chatty mood post-practice leading to some conveyance of information.
  15. profmom

    OT After gymnastics and the grit they learn

    This is so wonderful to hear. Your relationship over the years is a model for how parenting a committed athlete should look.
  16. profmom

    For Parents Help me understand state meet scores

    JO or XCel? And is the meet in one location or in multiple places because of COVID? Ordinarily, you'd have the same judges doing the whole meet in one place, judging across multiple sessions. However, as others have noted, in a normal year, they will run sessions with all gymnasts of the same...
  17. profmom

    For Parents What would you do?

    What state? Depending on the state, there may be a petition process for her to move onward.
  18. profmom

    For Parents Are JOs really done with gymnastics after senior year of high school

    Just want to put in another plug for NAIGC. Not only is it a great way to continue gymnastics, it also provides a good opportunity for a new college student to connect to a group of people with a lot in common. My DD can't wait to get back to her club team in the fall.
  19. profmom

    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    My state is opening up to everyone 16+ next week. Soon, everyone in this house will have their first ones. We are looking forward to visiting my MIL on Mother's Day and having a much more traditional sit-down brunch with SIL and her family! (We did Thanksgiving two weeks early outside.)
  20. profmom

    For Parents Twins behavior (or misbehavior!) together

    It could have just been a desire for attention or something worse. The primary persona was posting things to try to get engagement from people who have children on elite track. That is worrisome, because over time they could have built up enough trust to exchange PMs, etc. The persona that...