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  1. gymbaby12


    This is just what I heard, but I think in 2008, Martha REALLY liked AOGC's pink leos from Nats. And thus, our bubblegum army was born. Haha but I mainly blame Nastia. They really should be wearing red, white, and blue though I don't mind the pink and purple that much.
  2. gymbaby12

    how many leos do you have???

    I have around 12ish, 1 being comp leo. A lot of them are GK or ones bought from meets/gym. Comp leo is Alpha factor and some of them are hand me downs from the older girls.( BTW this is a really good idea for anyone needing to get rid of leos. Sometimes my gym has a leotard swap sorta thing.It's...
  3. gymbaby12

    Twistars Invite

    Really? That's interesting. Do you know why?
  4. gymbaby12

    Inspirational Songs

    I always listen to Here I Am- Carly Patterson Little Wonders- Rob thomas (haha I just realized these 2 songss are the last 2 songs posted on this thread) Breathe Slow- The Coverband (the originals girl's isnt on iTunes so I just got that. this song really helps you calm down) Its On- Superchick...
  5. gymbaby12

    Cassandra Whitcomb

    I love Cassie and she is a very good gymnast. This is a very smart decision for her. It will better prepare her for the NCAA level. She'll be a great addition to UCLA! Ijust feel bad for the level 10s competing against her. :p hehe
  6. gymbaby12

    Help Please!

    Thank you everyone! I found out it's from a clorox commercial. I knew it sounded really familiar. i might use it for my floor music too. It's really pretty music. Thank you!
  7. gymbaby12

    Help Please!

    Thank you! Thank you soooooooo much! I was going crazy! THANKS A TON!:D
  8. gymbaby12

    Help Please!

    OK, so this is a link to Claire Boyce's(from Texas Dreams) floor routine from the 2010 US Nationals. Can someone please tell me what the name or her music is or what commercial/movie/movie trailer it's from? It's very familiar and it's driving me crazy so... Thanks!:) YouTube - Claire Boyce-...
  9. gymbaby12

    "Hit 4 for 4"?

    At the Visa Championships, there's two nights of comptition, 4 events each night. So Bross meant she wanted to "hit" all 4 events on the 2 days.:)
  10. gymbaby12


    I guess it kind of depends on the area. i do YMCA/USAG and I don't think bigger gyms get better scores. BUT some judges look for different things. Some judges want to see very good form.Others want to see good technique. i guess it depends though...
  11. gymbaby12

    WAG Shawn johnson

    Good for her! I've seen some of her training videos and she's doing pretty well! But, I don't think she can be one of the top gymnasts again. She has Wieber, Bross,Mustafina, Komova, Porgras, and some up and coming Chinese gymnasts to fight off. Also, SHawn was very good on vault and beam, and...
  12. gymbaby12

    Woga classic

    Hmmmm.... this is frusturating. The Woga Classic would be a very good meet for experience, especially if she's a level 7 by then. Like you said, it's fun to see Elites and upper levels too. It is very expensive though. if she isn't an optional by then, I'd say don't even bother. Plus, there's...
  13. gymbaby12

    Arm conditioning. What works what?

    What do... Press handstands work? Normal push-ups work? beam push ups work? pull ups work? chin ups work? handstand holds work? Handstand push ups? (like triceps, biceps,ect.?) Thanks!
  14. gymbaby12

    Really stupid question

    Does anyone know how to change your CB avatar thing? I can'tfind how to do it! It's probably right in front of my face. Haha, can anyone help?:rolleyes:
  15. gymbaby12


    So, I'm trying to get my full on the trampoline. I have a really strong half, but I can't seem to get around to a full. As anyone else had this problem? What are some things I can do to help get all the way around? Thanks!
  16. gymbaby12

    level6 bar question

    If she's tapping her feet on the floor, then she should be able to lift her hips and control that, but if you're talking about tapping your feet on the low bar then I don't know.
  17. gymbaby12

    IGC... worth it?

    So, a lot of girls at my gym have been to IGC and said it was a ton of fun. I really want to go to so I looked into it and... its $920. I was just wondering if anyone on CB who went to IGC could tell me about it so I can see if it's worth it. $920 is a lot of money and I don't want it to be a...
  18. gymbaby12

    Stupid Question...

    On TV, I saw the Visa Championships. On bars, a lot of the gymnasts put rubber bands on their grips. What does this do? I'm just curious. like this- Womans Hot Shot Gymnastic Grips Now Available!
  19. gymbaby12

    Anyone elses gym use bean bags?

    :)Our gym uses them. Especially for glides or kips on bars to keep your legs together. :)
  20. gymbaby12

    Balance beam

    Have you seen Rebecca Bross? Not just on beam, but every event. She has very aggressive gymnastics, especially on beam and bars. She probably is even more aggressive than Shawn, aSac, or Nastia. She was just named to the 2010 World Team too. Watch her then. SHe is VERY aggressive. :huge: