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    To involved parents???????

    okay so this is a fun question for all gymnasts!!!!!!!!! And we will keep this between each other!!!!!!!!!! Is there lots of involved parents at your gym????????? (P.S. plz tell me yes or no and tell me a story that you think is sorta funny like not funny but you know what i...
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    States Coming Up

    Tell DD not to worry about it and tune her out and ignore her and concentrate on what she is doing since the game time that really counts is coming up and she does not need to get hurt over this lady!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you DD!!!!!!! I will send all of the...
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    front and back walkovers help

    just keep working on them and you will get better!!!!! It works to ask a coach to spot you!!!!!!!!!!! Thats how i got mine and i have mine on the beam and floor, both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(im a level 7 by the way)!!!!!!!! Also keep working on that great...
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    Help i need some advice for beam!!!!!!!

    Thanks to everyone who replied!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually yesterday I had a meeting with one of my coaches and she helped me talk through it! Then when i got on beam my other coach told me to do them on the pit beam!!!! So i got up there and I did them! And it...
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    Help please important !

    I would say either "Icon Modeling Agency" or "Modeling in Ontario". But I have a question for you... Why are you asking us this and how are we suppose to know which one would be good for you if you didn't even tell us your personality????????????????????????/ I picked those two because I like...
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    What is a club like?

    I love club!!!!!!!!!!! So so so so so so so so much more fun!!!!!! It is more of a challenge and more of the sport than school rec!!!!!!!!! And the days as far as i know are more but more official and better!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we all do!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!
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    Qualified for State & Pixie is soOo thrilled!!

    Great job to you Pixie!!!!!!!!! You did very well out there!!!!!!!!!! Your vaults were gorgeus and very well form!! You have great lines!!!!!! You are going to be a vaulter!!!!!!! (P.S. congrats on making it to S.T.A.T.E.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) YOU WILL DO AWESOME I CAN TELL JUST WORK...
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    Suckish Level 6 bars

    Okay well like the other girls said "we need more detail on how you suck on it". If it's your form the ask your coaches for forming excersize's and I bet they could help a lot of course!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Or if you don't know what it is ask your coaches!!! That's the best advice I can give...
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    Whats your favorite skill and level ?

    My favorite skill(s) are giants and monkey(toe)circles. My favorite level is pry the one I'm in now, level 7 because you get your own routines and music and you don't have to keep listening to the same boring music!!!!! lol
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    How to promote "beam confidence"?

    im just like her i very much dislike beam!!!!!!! i mean i am a level 7 now and just got over the fear of back walkover back handspring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im very excited but back to your daughtter!!!!!!!! LOL!!! i think going on the very lowest low beam she should start out with straight jumps...
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    Any idea what level my daughter would start at?

    I would like to agree with the other people... a good solid level 8 and wow for her beam especially her mount awesome job!!!!!!!! we dont see very many of those mounts from and 11- year old girl well we never do. But yes, but most usa gymnastics teams for level 8 you have to have a per weite...
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    What to put in your Gym bag?

    what you should put in your gym bag is... : Two pairs of grips & wristbands you never know & rubber bands you never know!!!!! : Nail clippers & those mini gymnastics scissors : A water bottle(propel is what i like because it gives me more energy and has a better taste) : A good healthful snack...
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    Help i need some advice for beam!!!!!!!

    Okay to everyone who is reading this. I am a level 7 at Buckeye GYmnastics and hate a skill on beam. Its the back walkover back handspring. So i got it then lost and got it again but like a week ago i split the beam really hard i completely missed my hands hit my face my back and shoulder and...