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    WAG Pros & Cons of Xcel program?

    I have a little girl that I used to coach who has now moved up to a competition team. She is a very athletic girl and is a very good gymnast. She was level 3 last year and they want her to move up to Xcel next year. What are some of your experiences with the xcel program? good? bad?
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    Coaches Preschool Gymnastics Classes

    I have been teaching a Preschool Class for about 2 years now. I change up and do new things all the time...Here lately I have been noticing that I can't keep their attention for more than 4 minutes. By the time I show them what we are doing, and start the activity they are running ramped...
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    Coaches Chalking the Bars...

    We told them not... And they haven't done it anymore.... But we need a way to have the chalk stay!!!
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    Coaches Chalking the Bars...

    I am the assistant coach at a high school in Indiana. We had been having a problem with the janitors at out school cleaning the bars every night after practice.... There would be absolutely nothing on them when we would go to practice the next day. Ever since this happened, the bars will not...
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    Coaches Camp Games?

    Ooooh yeah!!! We called it lovers leap! I can't believe I forgot about it!!
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    Coaches Camp Games?

    I teach ages 3-10 at the local Y. For the life of me I cannot think of fun games that we played in the gym at like sleep overs and such. Is there anything that any of you guys can think of?? I am teaching a camp in a couple of weeks and thought I could have them play a few games. Thanks!
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    Coaches Handstand Bridge drills

    I coach at a high school in town and we pile up mats,depending on how tall the gymnast is, make them kick up into a handstand with the back flat on those piled mats. Then make them fall to the bridge. Gradually take mats away and its less of a shock factor when their feet are falling all that...