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  1. Paint A Melody

    Fear of tumbling on the air track

    Do you have a mat at the end? I find it much less scary if there is a soft surface at the end.
  2. Paint A Melody

    front or back walk over?

    I was able to get my back walkover first, but I tried to get it long before I tried a front walkover, which might be the reason why.
  3. Paint A Melody


    I got them after moving to Xcel. At the time, I had most of my level 6 skills, such as kips, freehips, flyaways, ect. At my gym most get them around level 4, but I've seen level 3 girls with grips before.
  4. Paint A Melody

    WAG Hairstyles for Short Hair

    I recently cut my hair into a short bob. However, I did not think about how this would affect my gymnastics. My hair is too long to leave up, especially for competitions, but doesn't fit in a ponytail. I haven't had a problem yet because I've missed practice for various reasons last week, but I...
  5. Paint A Melody

    Meet Results!

  6. Paint A Melody

    WAG Does a roundoff vault have a start value of 10.0

    Sorry, my bad. 1/4 on to 1/4 off to face away from the table is a 10. 1/4 on to 1/4 off to face the table doesn't
  7. Paint A Melody

    WAG Does a roundoff vault have a start value of 10.0

    1/4 on 1/4 off to face the table does, but a 1/2 on does not.
  8. Paint A Melody

    Floor Music

    I like the second one the best. The first is nice, but very fast, and the last one is a little repetitive.
  9. Paint A Melody

    WAG Aly 2020?! How cool! Can she do it?

    If a coach like Mihai or Valerei took over, wouldn't it be likely that they would show favoritism to their gymnasts?
  10. Paint A Melody

    Kickovers!!! (urgent)

    First, you want to make sure your bridge is solid. Ideally, your shoulders should be past your hands, but if they are directly over or a little bit behind, it should be fine. Next, you need to bring your supporting leg in and kick very hard. Think about making a rainbow type motion, with your...
  11. Paint A Melody

    How long Do You Need To Stay Off Gymnastics Because Of An Injury?

    I agree, hopefully the doctor will be able to figure it out and tell you how to proceed.
  12. Paint A Melody

    WAG Xcel diamond

    Worst case scenario they will say no and explain what skills you are lacking. Definitely never hurts to ask.
  13. Paint A Melody

    Gabby Douglas Hate - (Hopefully) An End

    I love soup, and am obsessed with lasagna. I'm totally trying it, if i can convince my mom.
  14. Paint A Melody

    Gabby Douglas Hate - (Hopefully) An End

    Lasagna soup sounds bizarre, but good at the same time.
  15. Paint A Melody

    Men's Vault Finals

    Much different. A Prudonova in women's is a 7.0, whereas for men's its a 5.6. All the vaults follow this pattern.
  16. Paint A Melody

    Vault finals?

    But in that case, why are some skills called by the same name? It would make sense that for WAG, it's named after the first woman and in MAG, it's named after the first man, but some like Tkachev and Geinger are the same.
  17. Paint A Melody

    Who watched the bar finals???

    I loved it! Almost everyone hit, and Mustafina won. What is there not to love? :P
  18. Paint A Melody

    Vault finals?

    Why are some skills called by the same name in mens and womens gymnastics (ie Tkachev)but some different?
  19. Paint A Melody

    Vault finals?

    Actually sorry. I messed up. The vault he did is not called a Dragalescu. It's what I said it was, 1/2 on double pike off, but I forget the name of it. Brooks does a Prudonova. Sorry for the confusion!
  20. Paint A Melody

    Vault finals?

    It was a half on entry, double pike back, vs front entry, double tucked forwards. They do look similar because they flip twice, but you can see he twists onto the vault table so that he is facing the vault, then flips backwards with straight legs instead of forwards with tucked legs.