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  1. beamgal

    What's your highest scores?

    My highest scores are: Vault: 9.575:) Bars: 8.9 Beam: 9.675 ( i love beam!):D Floor: 9.45 AA:36.6
  2. beamgal

    How good of a gymnast are you?

    I am level 5 too! I do 14 hours a week! Gymnastics is my life my friends wonder why i still do it! I love it i never want to quit!!!!!!
  3. beamgal

    New compulsary music!

    i know i absolutely dislike the new level 4,5,6 music i think it's stuff u would here in a doctors office!!!!!!!!!! i am lucky my coach won't let us use it because it would be so embarrasing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. beamgal

    What's Your Favorite Event?

    my fav is... My favorite event is beam, i don't know why i just love it so much!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
  5. beamgal

    What are you scariest falls ???

    this one is sorta funny but maybe not one time on bars i jumped to high it was too far so i slip right o on to my bottem i didnt just do that once but twice:):):):):):(:(:(:(:(
  6. beamgal

    kip help please!!!

    hope this helps Is it with or without grips here is 2 examples with grips The timing with grips is different with grip you shift earlier. without grip The timing you shift a little im mean just a little later.
  7. beamgal

    Competing on injuries?

    I'm now in level 5 but, when i was in level 4 in competed a whole season with a sprained ankle. That was really really hard and really hurt the things we do to compete and at one of the meets i won all-around lol!!! :vault::bars::beam::floor:
  8. beamgal

    My hands!

    i never rip either it weird but i did get a rip a state that was a nightmere but always be prepared for rips to much high bar can give rips sometimes
  9. beamgal

    Your best, Your worst, Your favorite ( or your kids its for everyone)

    my favorite skill - round off back hand spring back my favorite app-beam my best skill- cartwheel on beam my best app-beam my worst skill-kip on bars my worst app-bars
  10. beamgal

    Spiral Fraction

    i didn't spiral brake my wrist but, mine i don't really know what i did to my wrist. but mine heeled actually pretty quickly and crumpling paper helped strenthening my wrist hope it feels better
  11. beamgal

    I Got My First Broken Bone

    broken bones broken bones I broke my wrist when i was 6!!!! I was out for like 3 month but then i wasn't on team so i didn't go very many days a week so that's a good thing.
  12. beamgal

    Which apparatus?

    my highest scores in level 4&5 level 4 scores (second year) Vault is good highest 9.575 :D Bars is not my best highest 8.9 Beam is my best highest 9.350 Floor is good highest 9.250 level 5 scores (first year) Vault is okay highest 8.55 Bars...
  13. beamgal

    Energy drinks?

    I think there pretty bad for you, but what do i know? i don't like them so i would not know :):):):):):):)
  14. beamgal

    How tall are you!?!?!?

    I'm really short i am about 4''9 or 4"10 but i am only in level 5:D:D:D:D
  15. beamgal

    what level are you

    hi im just wondering level what you are im a level 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!;);););):D
  16. beamgal

    How many hours do you spend at your gym a week?

    Monday- 9am-12:30pm Tuesday-9am-12:30pm Wednesday-9am-11:30am Thursday-OFF! Friday-9am-12:30pm SO I GO 13 HOURS A WEEK! GYMNASTICS ROCKS!!!!!!:D
  17. beamgal

    how long did it take you to get you kip with grips

    hey yeah on Monday i made 2 more kips so that's makes 6:cool:
  18. beamgal

    Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

    :cool:hey i like the show accept for all the drama:eek: i hate drama!!:D
  19. beamgal

    Which State Are You From???

    Yeah i am from Oregon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go region 2!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D