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  1. proud-gym-mom

    WAG Hours a week for training

    Preteam is about 4-6 (level 1 & 2), level 3 is 9, level 4/5 is 16 and level 6/7 is about 18 hrs a week. Levels 8-10 are around 22 I think. I agree that 4 hours a week isn't enough for especially level 3 and up. Just a mom's opinion but I think they need 9 hrs a week minimum to be competitive at...
  2. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Do you know all the kids in your child's training group?

    I know all the girls in her level (optionals) and all in the level below (4/5) where she was last year. I know most of the Level 3s but not many pre-team (Level 1/2). I know most of the Xcels definitely Gold and above, some Silvers and a few Bronze. We've been there for over 5 years and I also...
  3. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Pushing kids until they cry?Just part of gymnastics?

    Most of the time in our gym it's the older girls and it's usually out of frustration - trying to get a skill, having a bad practice… most likely hormones thrown in the mix too :-). It's rare that the younger kids cry at all. A tantrum every once and awhile but if it's from pain it's usually that...
  4. proud-gym-mom

    Mobility within T&T program

    Thanks! That definitely helps a ton :-)
  5. proud-gym-mom

    Mobility within T&T program

    So before L5 is it just at the coach's discretion? My son did L1 last year, does he have to do a meet at L2 (he knows the L3 routine now) or can he just do L3 (for Trampoline)? Thanks for the thread, this is a whole new world… having to relearn, much different than WAG. :-)
  6. proud-gym-mom

    WAG First year at a college camp.

    We haven't been before but a few girls from our gym have gone to the NC State one and LOVED it. We have more going back again this year.
  7. proud-gym-mom

    Hours for T&T vs artistic

    Really glad to see this post. My son does T&T, daughter just finished JO L5. Definitely seemed like the T&T hours were much less! This year DS did 2-3 hours a week but only competed L1 in two meets. Next year he will go to 5 hrs a week and hopefully do L3. DD did 16 hrs /week last season. She's...
  8. proud-gym-mom

    WAG What JO level does your gym start competing at?

    We start at Level 3 generally. We have some kids do Bronze if they are team but not quite ready for Level 3 for the season. We are letting our Pre-team girls do Bronze at our home meet this weekend if they want to also. It's the end of the season so a nice opportunity for them.
  9. proud-gym-mom

    WAG Does your gym give a second child discount?

    15% off the lower child's rate for team.
  10. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Coach's Session Fees

    Very good points on the session fees being taxable and the per diem not. One of the board members I talked to said the per diem was hard to manage, have others found it hard? How do you deal with partial days?
  11. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Coach's Session Fees

    That's a really good point. We tend to stay in the smaller city areas but I now understand why some of them might feel like it's not really enough. I like the idea of keeping it separate and I think I will offer that up to our booster club board as an option that we go back to that. It really...
  12. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Coach's Session Fees

    That's great input. So you would do $30 a session as well and keep the per diem separate. Under our current policy our hotel and mileage would be the same but the total for the food and session fees would be $70 x 2 sessions = $140 which is quite a bit less.
  13. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Coach's Session Fees

    It was a general ask from the coaches. Now that you mention it, I think we used to do the per diem and a lower session fee. So if a coach only does one session then the $70 might be a little lower than what you do assuming most places the per diems are about $40-50 a day but if they work...
  14. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Coach's Session Fees

    I wanted to get some input from other parents and/or coaches, especially those in booster clubs where the booster club coordinates the payment to the coaches for attending the meets (travel expenses and session fees). I'm interested in what your pay policy is specifically for the time they spend...
  15. proud-gym-mom

    WAG Will I ever understand deductions and scoring?

    There is a great app from USA Gymnastics with video, drawings and all the various deductions listed. It's $30 and I think only for iPad but I found it well worth it. It has all the compulsory levels (1-5) and I really like it so I can understand more about the current level she's at and what...
  16. proud-gym-mom

    MAG How many is too many?

    Generally at our gym it's about 10 kids to 1 coach. Sometimes less kids. We are part of a larger sports complex so there are always lots of adults around.
  17. proud-gym-mom

    Parents Article on why parent's shouldn't watch practice

    Growing up my parents never watched a practice and most times didn't stay for competitions eithe, just dropped off and picked up. I never told them that it upset me and they never knew. They were great parents just never involved in sports and I think didn't get it. My sister had issues and was...
  18. proud-gym-mom

    WAG Second Level 10 Meet 9.85 on Floor

    Really amazing!!! She is a beautiful gymnast!
  19. proud-gym-mom

    WAG How far is your gym?

    We are only about 5-10 mins away. It's great. I couldn't do 1.5 hrs each way. There's no way. Even 30 mins each way would be tough.